Have you ever loved something so much that all you ever wanted to do was to scream and shout about it? We feel you. For example, we love good advertising campaigns, and every time we stumble upon a good one, we can’t wait to shout about it to our readers. But this article isn’t about what we like and what we don’t.

It’s is about McDonald’s Canada and its FRIESTREAM campaign cooked up by Cossette agency just in time for the #NationalFrenchFryDay. Or rather, this article is about all McDonald’s fans who love fries and now received an opportunity to shout out their love for fries across the entire country of Canada.

With its first-ever FRIESTREAM, a drive-thru speaker that was placed on top of Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain—looming above the city at 1,231 m, or 4,039 ft—McDonald’s followers were invited to follow their dreams and let the whole world know about their love for French Fries. Built as a live stream, the device broadcasted out social media comments and videos from fans and then used them to shout their statements out loud across the country.

Now, if you’d ask us how our love declaration to the fast-food restaurant’s fries would sound like, it would probably go something like this: “Dear McDonald’s, we love your fries so much that we would ask you to extend your MacCoin campaign to a MacCoin + FryCoin initiative, so that we can add some extra tasty fried potatoes to go with our delicious burger.” But if this idea can’t be done, then just our message being heard across Canada will be just enough. But what about Canadians themselves?

“We know Canadians love McDonald’s World-Famous Fries, so for National French Fry Day, we gave them the opportunity to share their love across Canada in an innovative way, letting them share their social voices in real life,” shared Troy McGuinness, Creative Director at Cossette.

The campaign has had tremendous success: it pushed the restaurant’s app, My McD’s, to the #1 on the IOS app store and engaged over 800,000 viewers via the Facebook livestream. Most impressively, the initiative has garnered over 40 million media impressions so far. Well done, McDonald’s, well done!

Besides the interactive gadget, the campaign also included a special Snapchat lens which invited users to virtually shout out their love for fries. To unlock the special animation that awaited them, fans were requested to literally yell at their phones. As we have been accustomed to, McDonald’s celebrated the annual anniversary by offering their mobile app users free fries. Still, we have to note that this marks the first time when fries fans were able to shout their love for fries so that the whole Canada could hear them.

“We’re continuously evolving the way we connect with Canadians and pushing boundaries to broaden our digital impact and leadership in the industry”, says Rashel Hariri Digital Social Engagement Manager, McDonald’s Canada. “National French Fry Day delivered excitement for fry lovers across Canada while incorporating our mobile app to drive users to our restaurants.” Don’t you just feel like having some fries? We definitely do!


Client: McDonald’s® Canada

Agency: Cossette

Media Agency: OMD