Outside, there’s a scary, mysterious, and unknown universe, just waiting to be discovered. Its immense infinity seems to be like an illusion to mankind. But it is not. Of all we know, the cosmic space is not a destination. Nor a tourist attraction. Rather, it is a place to do. It’s an unexplored resource of undiscovered treasures that Lockheed Martin wants to unlock using new technological innovations. But the key to uncovering the veil of the universe won’t be just found in someone’s pockets. No, the key lies in the minds of the brightest beings of Earth.

This fall, the aerospace company gave Virginia Tech‘s students a possibility to unlock the Universe through engineering. But in order to do that, the students had to pass a test. A trial conceived by the Bethesda-based company and imagined by the creative minds at McCann NY. What the two partners had in mind was to make the students to literally think inside the box (yes, inside!) and explore the stars at the same time. Seems quite impossible, doesn’t it?

At first glance, the test looks simple: a challenge box waiting to be unlocked. But this isn’t just a typical box. This is a 4-foot tall, mysterious inky-black monolith that can only be unlocked if the students have exactly what it takes to solve one the world’s most elaborate aerospace equations. In fact, it is the exact equation that Lockheed Martin engineers had to solve in order to send a real-world satellite into space.

The company presented a huge challenge for the students. The goal? To see if they have the skills to discover and explore the beauty of the universe. But as said above, there’s no magic hiding behind the challenge. It’s just math. And a very difficult equation at that. So, what does solving this math problem unlock? Well, neither more nor less than the actual universe. That’s right dear readers, if the students succeed to find an answer to the equation, they get to explore the mysteries of cosmic space.

Well, don’t get too excited though, because they don’t actually travel to space. Rather, the equation allows them to open the box which awaits them with a 360-degree audio/visual experience that takes them through the stars. The climax of this cosmic adventure, and a grand prize, comes as a possibility to get a job at Lockheed Martin. Once in there, the students will get a possibility to unlock the universe on a daily basis.

The journey through the stars isn’t dedicated to Virginia Tech’s students only. Following the university, the box will travel around other events taking place at the top engineering universities in the US. It will also be available at networking/recruiting events across the country with new challenges and prizes. So, don’t just sit there; go grab your chance to travel right into the heart of the universe!


Client: Lockheed Martin

Agency: McCann NY