Centuries have passed and no one has figured out the answer to the burning question “Why does Mona Lisa smile?” But half a millennium after maestro Leonardo da Vinci painted his most famous painting, we might have an answer. Well, not we at branding.news per se, but AMF, Sweden’s biggest pension fund for occupational pension, is the entity that owns the key to unlock this age-old mystery.

In partnership with advertising agency Forsman & Bodenfors, the brand traveled back in time, into the 16th century. The team landed right in Leonardo’s workshop, where they met the one and only Mona Lisa. Here, they witnessed her famous portrayal by the skilled painter. As the work continued, they finally figured out what every art fan around the world wants to know: what’s behind Mona Lisa’s alluring smile?

In short, she gets a big present from da Vinci, and that’s the reason for her contentment. But what is the surprise? Hold on one second, because you’re about to find out in a short ad created by the Göteborg-based agency.

In its latest advert, AMF wants to draw attention to why pension, insurance, and funds are crucial to our well-being. Sadly, not all people understand how all these things work. So, the brand decided to change that by creating this short story which uncovers the relationship between Mona Lisa and Leonardo da Vinci more closely. The spot allows the brand to explain, in a very creative way, how work, pay, and pensions are linked together and how they complement each other to help people be happy.

By enlisting Mona Lisa, Leonardo’s “favorite model” (as we find out from the video), AMF wants to increase curiosity, interest, and knowledge about the occupational pension. And to promote its message, the famous woman proves to be a successful brand tool. How, might one wonder? Just check out the video below and find out by yourselves!

Many people have speculated about the reason for Mona Lisa’s mysterious smile. But in this new campaign, we find out that there’s a new theory ahead. Da Vinci is a very important historical figure, that invented early prototypes of the helicopter, the parachute, and the tank.

So why wouldn’t he be able to predict the financial and retirement status of his employees, as well as for people of the next millennium? As one can see next, Mona Lisa says that the best part of working with da Vinci is the fact that she gets a pension from work. To be as happy as Mona Lisa, all you have to do is ask for AMF’s help. You’ll be pleased with their services as our beautiful protagonist is with her collaboration with the genius painter!


Client: AMF

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors