Not seeing a lot of treasures that Mother Nature has to offer because of modern life we lead can make many people sad. Yet, there is hope for those of you who are trapped in an office and still want to experience the beauty of nature. Don’t you worry, because we are bringing it to you! Well, technically, it’s because of an idea that belongs to design studio formascope.

Working for Harvy Dried Fruits, the Yerevan-based studio thought that no one should be deprived of nature’s best treats. So, the artists decided to bring them to the public, so we can all enjoy them right from our urban environment. Aside from tasting the 10 unique flavors of dried fruits that Harvy has delivered with its products, you can feel closer to nature through the design that’s embroidered on the packaging design of these sweet, delicious snacks.

The tasty treats took form thanks to the feelings that arose in the creator’s soul. He explained that living away from Armenia—his homeland—made him feel like a stranger to nature. So, he had to do something to refresh this bond. And the aroma and taste of Armenian dried fruits are the best way to reconnect with Mother Nature, he thinks. Dried fruits and the design that complements them, of course!

These snacks are meant to refresh people’s bond to nature. Each product contains a rich, unique flavor, and no additives or artificial flavor enhancers. Following a similar formula, the packaging contains a highly-colored and rich design, clean images, and a bold font. No ‘preservatives’ and not digitally ‘modified’, therefore maintaining the integrity of the illustrations!

Each of the packs introduces on its facade a picture of a hedgehog ‘cuddling’ with a fruit. Either an apple, a pear, or a peach, the fruits can be noticed with ease thanks to the fact that they are entirely filled with happy colors, being in contrast to the rest of the package illustrations, which are outlined in shades of black and white.

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The bags are dressed in matte white color, a tone specially chosen to highlight the premium quality of the products. This can also be subconsciously admired through the clean approach that the artists used for the pouches that contain these toothsome snacks.

“We decided to solve [the packaging] by creating a concept that relates to nature and translates the product in an attractive way. Originated from the word “harvest”, Harvy dried fruits are our bond to nature. The shapes of fruits and clean approach to the pouch designs subconsciously highlight the simple and natural ingredients contained within each pack. The simplicity of the packaging conveys the freshness of the dried fruits through visual means,” say the designers behind the project.

Now, you probably won’t get your hands on one of these snacks unless you are in Armenia. If you’re not planning to visit the country soon and taste one of these sweet fruits, then, at least, sit down and admire the packaging design that shrouds them. Enjoy!


Client: Harvy Dried Fruits

Agency: formascope