Oh, the city of Paris. City of love and of iconic tourist attractions. The amazing place that lies on the river Seine still has a lot to offer. Not just to its local, but also to millions of tourists as well. The city’s arms offer aplenty of visual treats, most popular of which are the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Sacré Coeur, and the Notre-Dame Cathedral. Also, let’s not forget about the cafeterias that are out there in large numbers and wait for the tourists to cross their doorsteps. When you say Paris, you simply say magic, art, beauty, stunning views, and rich history. But aren’t we forgetting something?

In fact, yes, we are. Well, not we per se, because we are here to remind everyone that there is indeed another monument to be visited in Paris. It is you, tourists, who apparently can’t find the way to… Drum roll, please… the Centre Pompidou. Although it houses one of the largest works of art and impressive libraries too, not many people are familiar with it. Hence, creative agency Marcel came up with a simple idea: Why not create (those insanely ‘popular’) tiny souvenirs and spread them all over the city to make people learn more about this wonderful art center?

International visitors and Parisians seem to be visiting and revisiting the same old places. But do they know that the Center is home to one of the largest modern and contemporary art collections in the world? Sadly, no, most of them seem completely unaware of this architectural gem. Because of their ‘ignorance’, they are missing out on a collection that rivals the MoMA in NYC, or even the Tate Modern in London.

During this week’s #ThrowBrandThursday, we present a cheeky solution that the Center produced in thousands to make people come and check them out. What is this tiny spell that makes people come to see art?

The four most visited landmarks in Paris don’t have much in common. This fact makes them the essential picks in any tourist’s itinerary. But the Centre Pompidou decided to take the matter of being included in the top list in its own hands and own a popular tourist gift – a little statuette. So, the art museum ‘hired’ a couple of men and placed them in front of the most famous touristic attractions in Paris, and not empty-handed.

In their bags, they had a few souvenirs of the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, and the Notre-Dame Cathedral. But there was a new, unusual one. The Centre Pompidou. Yes, while holding the little miniature in their hands, people had a chance to learn about the Center. The men worked as tourist guides and encouraged pedestrians to buy these a souvenir and, most importantly, go and visit the museum.

Each of the souvenirs came with a QR code, which, once scanned, directed visitors towards the art institution so, the tourists that said that they don’t know where the Center lies had no excuse to be skipping the new introduction into Paris’ top 5 sights.


Client: Centre Pompidou

Agency: Marcel