There’s a myth out there about homeless people being lazy and that they don’t want to work. The laziness is supposed to be the reason why they ended up in the streets in the first place. But you know what? According to a study, 55% of homeless adults in families “had worked during the previous year”. So, yeah, such people do work and do try to find a way to live their life. But us, the ones that have a place to come back every day, are not aware of that. We simply believe that their only ‘job’ is begging on the streets.

French non-profit organization ENTOURAGE wants to prove this common misconception wrong, so in partnership with TBWA/Paris creative agency, the NGO developed a campaign that hints at how homeless people can get out of this vicious circle. For three years, the institution has fought to reestablish the social link with homeless people. Aside from needing food, shelter, money, and clothes, the people without home are looking for consideration and friendship, things that allow them to regain their self-esteem and confidence.

There’s one thing that could get them out of the rut and this situation. What is it? A job! We should not think that all homeless are lazy. Really! Today, around 24% of them do work, while many aspire to find a job. “Finding a job could allow me to recover my identity, my self-esteem,” explained Mélanie, a former homeless currently looking for a job, to the Paris-based agency.

To allow homeless people to actually get a job, first, you have to make employers and the general public change their perception of the homeless. Precarity does not necessarily mean that they lack skills or will to work and succeed in an industry. Sadly, without a professional network, their chances of finding a job are close to zero.

Hopefully not for long, as ENTOURAGE has taken inspiration from the LinkedIn platform and developed the LinkedOut Project. This new digital platform lets homeless people list their profiles in search of a job that will help them get out of their poor situation.

The online portal is easy to use and brings the spotlight on those less fortunate, who, sadly, desperately need a job. The NGO decided to showcase their resume online and give them an opportunity to show to the world who they really are.

LinkedOut has twenty candidates at the moment. ENTOURAGE believes that any of us can help homeless people overcome the worst moment of their lives: Let’s all unite our networks and help these people find jobs. Today you help twenty of them, tomorrow there will be hundreds that will have a chance to work for a good life.



Agency: TBWA/Paris
Advertiser Supervisor: Jean-Marc Potdevin, Claire Duizabo, Lucie De Clerck

Agency Account Management: Anne Vincent, Stéphanie Decombe, Maude Gourrier, Valentin Moreau

Chief Creative Officer(s): Faustin Claverie, Benjamin Marchal

Creative Director: Jacquelin Guillaume-Duverne

Art Director(s): Cassandre Gonnord, Emmanuel Cloarec

Copywriter: Pierre Jarry

Assistant Art Director: Axele Bordron

Illustrator: Séverine Zemoz

Digital Production Director: Guilhem Vacher

UX: Yann Lupion

Head of technology: Ivan Zindovic

Technical Project Manager(s): Glenn Pezier, Maurice Nguyen

Developer: Marion Ott