Released on 27 July 1979, AC/DC‘s famous album “Highway to Hell” celebrates 40 years of existence this year. It is the sixth album released by the rock band and the one that propelled the crew into the top ranks of hard rock acts. After “Back in Black,” the celebrated record is the second-highest selling AC/DC album and is generally considered as one of the best rock albums ever made.

To mark the significant milestone in the bands life, AC/DC fans decided to celebrate its 40th anniversary in a unique way: Steevi Diamond and Jon Mortert (who was behind the Rage Against the Machine Facebook campaign in 2009) launched another campaign to get the title track to become a UK Christmas number one in the UK Singles Chart with the proceeds going to Feel Yourself, a testicular cancer awareness charity. And now, the time has come for another round of celebration: It’s time for the album and eponymous song to shine! But first, let’s blow out the candles!

The Australian rock band was born 46 years ago. But that doesn’t mean that they would not be in for a good party. Luckily, their ‘step-parents’ who adopted the band just recently, agency Brand Station, decided that this was a good moment to throw a party for the legendary band. You might think that this is going to be a regular birthday celebration. But we’re talking about AC/DC!

For its 40th anniversary, the Paris-based agency invited some unusual guests to the festivity: 14 Marshall speakers, together able to reach more than 130db and power of 4200W. Now, imagine how “Happy Birthday” would sound like on these speakers! However, that’s not really an appropriate song, is it? Rather, the creatives used the ‘Marshalls’ to see how the AC/DC’s famous song sounds like when the speakers are played at maximum volume.

Now, let’s attend a small science class: Many studies have demonstrated that sound waves created by sound vibrations are able to make flames flicker. But did you know that these waves can blow candles out completely? Yes, it is possible! Just so you know, you can make fire disappear only by using the power of rock music.

To support the campaign, the creatives put out a short video which puts the spotlight on AC/DC’s delicious cake. And also confirms the little science experiment! The advert is available on all of ACDC and Sony Music’s social networks. Moreover, the short visual experience is also accompanied by a dedicated and immersive website,, to which ACDC invites all of its fans and internet users to help build the biggest highway to hell ever on Twitter. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s pave the path to hell while listening to AC/DC rocking notes!


Client: AC/DC

Agency: Brand Station