Poop. Not a pleasant talk to have with your friends. But whether we like it or not, everybody poops. Even birds and flies. And even though you might not like it, the fecal bits that come out of your body tell a lot about you. Well, not about your personality, but about your health and digestive system. So what’s your shit trying to tell you? BWM Dentsu‘s long-standing client Bowel Cancer Australia has a highly-valuable ‘infographic’ on how you can decipher your poop.

Actually, learning to ‘read’ what your poop says may be golden for your health. And this is what lies at the foundation of the “Golden Nugget” campaign BWM Dentsu and Cox Inall Change made for the organization. To make people aware of bowel cancer — which happens at 1 in 10 people and can be often treatable if caught early — the NGO developed a literally valuable campaign that aims to empower people to ‘check their poo.’

Besides encouraging citizens to decipher their poo, the organization wants, as well, to educate them on the disease’s tell-tale signs. That is why, the partners joined forces with master jeweler Simon West of Simon West jewelry to design the world’s most valuable poo: a poo-shaped Golden Nugget, valued at $5,000, made from solid 24-carat gold. The campaign was activated through paid, owned, and earned channels and has already received over 10,000 entries. Plus, it is supported by a video and an online quiz, which encourages users to take it in order to find out more about bowel cancer.

General Manager of Cox Inall Change, Justine Sywak, kindly explained: “Innovation, creativity, and passion are at the heart of all the work we do and it’s an incredible privilege to support yet another game-changing campaign for Bowel Cancer Australia. It’s the deadliest cancer for 25-29-year olds and this year we wanted to shift the perception from an ‘old person’s disease’, to one that affects any age. By using humor to gain traction with a younger audience, we can start talking about what, for some, is an uncomfortable topic.”

Stephanie Bansemer-Brown, Marketing and Publicity Manager, Bowel Cancer Australia, said: “Diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer at 42, I know first-hand that you are never too young for bowel cancer. We need to get people talking and put bowel cancer on the radar of ALL Australians, not just people over 50, and we know through ongoing research that humor works to cut through the noise.”

So, tell us, will you have a closer look at your poop in the mornings? Careful, it’s better to decipher your doo-doo than going through a colonoscopy.


Client: Bowel Cancer Australia

Agency: BWM Dentsu

PR: Cox Inall Change

Director: Michael Shanks

Producer: Nat Taylor

Production: BWM Dentsu and Haystac