In case you didn’t know, humanity has reached a deadlock: We consume more than we can produce. As consumers, we keep using things as there was no tomorrow. Yes, it might feel good to have something new in your wardrobe for a while, but did you know that over-production of new items has a negative impact on our planet? Maybe it is time to reconsider what you already have and start reusing it… Don’t you think?

The Swedish equivalent of eBay, Tradera, decided to fight with this epidemy. So, together with creative agency NORD DDB, the platform is on a mission “For Greater Goods.” Along the latest highly visual experience, also comes Tradera’s first campaign: “Unbox the facts of consumption.” To mark this milestone, the company shares interesting facts about consumption: 65% less climate impact can be achieved by using a garment three times longer than the average of today. Or, that 7500 liters of water are needed to produce a pair of jeans. This corresponds to the amount of water a person could drink for seven years. Just these two, should be enough to make people reconsider their consumer behavior, shouldn’t they?

The first part of the “For Greater Goods” story dramatizes the idea of consumption with cabaret-style performers who are all dressed in pink, singing, and dancing, holding big boxes in their hands. All beautifully synchronized to the German krautrock band Can’s classic “I want more.”

The concept that lies at the heart of this initiative highlights Tradera’s selection of goods and the fact that anyone can find their purpose in the way they consume things. The brand sets a good example, because it has already reviewed the way they lead their business. The Swedes also adapted their vision and removed stores that sell off newly-produced items of their platform. In addition, the company initialized a plan on how to further work sustainably, a plan that’s linked to the UN’s climate goals.

“Tradera has been driving circular consumption for 20 years, but the issue has never been more relevant than today. At a time when new gadgets and clothing are becoming both cheaper and more accessible, our role in representing sustainable shopping is more important than ever. We are determined to make a difference in order to influence this in the right direction. But the most important thing will always come down to our product, offering a service that adds something bigger to people’s lives than new stuff,” explains Chantal Olsson, Brand Manager at Tradera in a press release.

The film that accompanies the campaign was produced by House Agency with Hanna Ostrowski and directed by Oskar Bård of Hobby Film. Together with the creatives, they have done a great job to visually contour the way consumption works. What about you? Is Tradera’s vision of consumerism accurate?


Client: Tradera

Agency: NORD DDB