There are a lot of things that only happen when you are in a hurry: You get stuck at traffic lights and watch as your bus drives off into the distance, slower people keep blocking your way, or you get stuck in a queue when you have to be somewhere else in just 15 minutes. These are just a few examples of what might get wrong when you are in a rush. Just Murphy’s law in action. And the worst of them all? You walk off the house without something you absolutely need. Your option? You can go back and pick that thing up. However, that usually means that you miss your train, bus, or plane. We can relate, so here’s something that might cheer you up: Flytoget Airport Express departs every 10 minutes. This way nothing, or no one, gets to be left behind.

Most often, precious stuff gets forgotten when people make their way to the airport. Despite the fact that lots of travellers double-check their luggage or passport. Still, there are things just as important as your travel documents. Like a kid’s teddy bear. You’d think that a child might survive without their doll, but not in this case. The protagonist of Flytoget’s latest ad just won’t fly anywhere without her best friend by her side. Understandably, she begs her parents to go back home, to pick up that one thing that makes her most happy.

And when a stuffed animal gets involved in the script, you have to be very careful. Like creative studio Anorak and Gimpville of Oslo did when they created a fantastic story to tell the experience of a young lady, who forgot to bring her best friend for a flight to the family’s holiday. The creatives have done an amazing job to bring the teddy bear to life. The teddy has a strong personality and keeps an authentic feel, which is carefully conveyed to the audience.

Directed by Harald Zwart, the visual adventure took a lot of work to finish in the desired tone. To make the teddy bear’s moves believable, the director actually played the role of a puppeteer, who ran around the place to give a true identity to the doll. “That gave him as a director great input for the timing and flow of the spot, and the animators took a lot of that footage as inspiration for the movement and “acting” in the animation process,” Anorak explained to when asked about the campaign.

Flytoget Airport Express is one of Norway’s best-liked brands across all categories. But the emotional note of the campaign perfectly hits what the brand needed to get closer to the audience. With this new concept — Always On Track (roughly translated from Norwegian) — the creatives succeeded to focus more on the human and emotional side of the story.


Client: Flytoget

Agency: Anorak

Creatives: Magnus Høgberg Hansen, Pål Høyer-Andreassen, Jens Petter Aarhus

Account director: Rune Roalsvig

Production manager: Ellen Sørnes Hilleren

Production company: Motion Blur

Director: Harald Zwart

Producer: Espen Horn

Animation studio: Gimpville

Planner: Elisabeth Søråsen