What is love? And no, it’s not “Baby don’t hurt me!” Really, what is love supposed to mean? According to general definitions, it is a complex feeling that follows a strong affection. Yet, we look at love from a different perspective: Today’s society calls love the moment when your life merges with that of your significant other, when your soul gets intertwined with your loved one’s. People say that love is the most powerful thing in this world and that it can defeat absolutely anything, which is why many go great lengths to find it.

Love is so precious, even a toothbrush is looking for it. In a heart melting video of this week’s #ThrowBrandThursday, you’ll get to witness an unusual love story. You get to see a toothbrush falling in love and creating a family, in what’s a genuinely nice promotion of ORALPEACE’s products. You’d think that a commercial for toothbrushes can only be plain, and full of dentists. Oh, but not the one that comes from the creative hands of the artists at ADK Tokyo. As Björk would say, it’s full of love.

The campaign comes with a very interesting film and a heartwarming tagline “Love is Organic”. The slogan expresses the love of a family, which is also the brand’s concept. The advert depicts love for a family as something that naturally nurtures within us, rather than something we have to work on. The message defines not only the love for one’s family but also to express the well-being and peace that brushes over the families around the world. To tell the story of love, the film uses nothing else than toothbrushes. And over 600 various types of lightning.

The hygiene products were specifically chosen to express the life of a family over a span of 50 years. It shows some generations and the happy days of doing the same thing over and over again. The philosophy behind the ORALPEACE brand is that love for the entire family can be generated even by one family member, pouring their feelings into a delicate worldview.

To place all the pieces in order, the creatives worked for five days in a row. The total number of images shoot reached approximately 1,200. The time-lapse was shot frame by frame and the technique was used so meticulously to faithfully reproduce the family’s 50 years of living. If you watch carefully, you’ll be able to pinpoint a few details that make the story even greater: At the beginning, you can clearly see the background of a house in the 1950s. Then, the setting gradually changes to a more modern environment.

More than 250 toothbrushes were used to make this film, each representing the family members. In addition, to express the time passage, the artists used circa 680 types of lightning. So, can toothbrushes tell a love story of three different generations? They can, and it has simply melted our hearts!



Agency: ADK Tokyo

Creative Director: Kazuma Aoki

Art Director: Fusanari Masuda

Account Director: Toru Hara

Account Executive: Satoshi Ichishima

Film Production Company: Rock’n Roll Japan