Teaching hygiene is fundamental. Still, there’s plenty of people — especially children — who don’t care that much about their personal hygiene. So, what do you do to make them learn how to take care of their own bodies? You can either serve campaigns which show soap is the hero, or you look for fun and engaging ways to teach kids how to look after themselves. Not taking care of your body roughly translates as diseases and, ultimately, could cause serious, permanent issues.

Luckily, ANGFA, a Japanese health company, has found a clever way of promoting hygiene amongst youngsters living in poor environments. To show that clean hands are children’s ticket to a better, healthier future, the brand developed an interactive publication with an easy-to-remember, cool name – the “Washable Book.” This unusual tool invites children to read an entertaining story while keeping their hands clean as well. According to the agency that helped the company write up the never-ending concept, McCann Health, this is the world’s first washable book; which also provides a good lesson about hygiene.

Vanish took upon themselves to create not just one washable project, but two. In partnership with BETC São Paulo creative agency, ‘the bleach brand’ came up with another washable book, this time titled the “Vanishing Stories.” Basically, what the book does is that it turns its pages into a different story each time it is washed. So, you first ask your kids to draw a story in the Vanishing book, then when you put it in the washing machine, voilà, they get another chance to write a completely new story in the same book. How cool is that?

Besides teaching kids the basics hygiene, the campaign encourages the younglings to read more. The renewable project aims to stimulate the imagination of little readers by creating new narratives and by promoting more family moments.

“In many homes, reading bedtime stories to children is customary. However, one of the challenges in reading to children every night is that they end up asking to hear the same story over and over, for many consecutive nights,” emphasized Andrea Siqueira, Executive Creative Director at BETC São Paulo, who highlighted the origin of the project’s creative idea. “Vanish has always emphasized the performance of its products through pieces focused on technical demonstrations. Therefore, our goal is to create new formats with storytelling that’s more engaging; that still shows the product’s benefits, but that gets closer to consumers and generates conversations,” added Laura Azevedo, Creative Director at the agency.

Equip yourself with some bleach and start writing your own stories. Who knows, maybe some of them will get famous and will be read while other parents tuck in their kids. Just have faith in your, and your children’s, creative writing skills!


Client: Vanish

Agency: BETC São Paulo

CCO: Erh Ray

Executive Creative Director: Andrea Siqueira

Creative Director: Laura Azevedo

Creative: Laura Azevedo, André Ignatiuk, Zeca Pinto e Matheus Andrade

Ilustration: André Ignatiuk

Account: Daniela Keller, Heloisa Figueiredo, Paula Basso, Juliana Ramos e Talita Lima

Media: Carlinha Gagliardi, Veronica Pirajá e Kauane Alves

Production: Anna Ferraz, Paula Sousa e Lucio Wangles

Motion: Tiago Hasegawa

Graphic Producer: Gilmar Souza, Carlos Valeriano e Vicente André

Advertiser: Lucia Albuquerque, Nathalia Teixeira e André Santos