The first-ever John Lewis Christmas advert saw the light of ‘festive’ days in 2007. Since then, millions of people kind of got used to waiting for the brand’s commercial that’s become an epitome of the Christmas spirit. So, ladies and gents, what you’ve been waiting for a year is finally here: A new John Lewis‘s ad has safely landed on our screens and we can safely say that it’s yet another wonderful story that announces Christmas is just around the corner.

Following in the footsteps of the company’s festive ‘legends’ such as The Bear and the Hare, Monty the Penguin and, oh well, Elton John, this year’s Christmas story features a new character that’s absolutely adorable: Excitable Edgar, a lovely dragon that gets excited about Christmas way too much. And it’s his pure excitement that almost ruins the festivities for one medieval village. Don’t you worry though… Edgar is no Grinch.

Created by Simon Lloyd and directed by Dougal Wilson through Blink, and with the creative help of creative agency Adam & Eve/DDB, John Lewis and Waitrose’s latest ad presents a cute duo, who are both very excited about Christmas. Understandably, one of the two unlikely friends is more than thrilled that Santa Claus will soon arrive in the village. He’s so fired up that he actually ends up almost ruining every festive tradition you can imagine. Meet Edgar, a sweet dragon that spends most of his time with Ava — his partner in crime — wandering around the streets of an old village. What makes Edgar special is that each time he gets thrilled about something, flames start to burst through his nose, making life quite difficult for him. And for others…

For example, can you imagine what a fired-up dragon can do when he wants to go ice-skating with other kids? Or, when he wants to help build a snowman? Let’s say ice and fire don’t really mix. Unfortunately, little Edgar does not realize that when he sees the beautiful Christmas tree and you can already tell that it’s not going to end well. Our excitable dragon does feel quite guilty and he locks himself away – not to hurt anyone. But little Ava brings the festive spirit even to the dangerous dragon and doesn’t let him be alone during the wonderful time of the year. That’s why she brings him a small present and makes sure that Edgar does play an important role during the village feast.

All we need is to accept our differences and allow everybody to become a part of our community. Craig Inglis, from John Lewis & Partners, said: “I’m delighted our two brands have come together for this year’s Christmas campaign. It’s a funny, heart-warming story that will resonate with our customers as they seek out the perfect gifts for their loved ones this Christmas.”

This is the first joint effort of John Lewis with its sister retailer Waitrose. The partnership between John Lewis and Waitrose was announced last June – by adding “& Partners” to both their names. ‘Excitable Edgar’ marks the first time the two companies release a campaign together. Martin George from Waitrose & Partners describes why the companies love releasing Xmas adverts: “The magic of friendship and making our loved ones feel special, are some of the most wonderful things about this time of year.”

‘Excitable Edgar’ is definitely a worthy continuation of John Lewis’ tradition to feature lovable animated animals. Previously, we met Moz the MonsterBuster the Boxer, and Monty the Penguin. Do you have a favorite one you love? Or is it just hard to choose? Let us know who’d you love to have at your Christmas dinner table in the comment section below!


Client: John Lewis

Agency: Adam & Eve/DDB