Almost two decades have passed and hadn’t heard a word from Dr. Seuss’s famous Xmas-wrecker, Grinch. It seemed that everything went well; we had delightful holidays. Well, up until now, because Robot Food and Bells of Lazonby — a family-run bakery and the manufacturer behind Bells and Whistles — decided to resurrect him. And just in time for Christmas. Coincidence? We think not!

Indeed, every festive season can come with a lot of Grinchy moments, such as long queues, bad weather, and worst of all, Christmas playlists. However, this time, the green creature isn’t here to ruin your perfect moments with your relatives. It just wants to bring you a small gift to lift your spirits.

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Nothing says joy quite like free food. So, Bells of Lazonby baked for the creatives at Robot Food some tasty and indulgent stollen — a rich German fruit and nut loaf. This helped the artists realize that Christmas is nothing but ‘stollen’…

To create a corresponding packaging design, the agency turned to iconic paper suppliers G . F Smith. The sweets boxes use Smith’s new service where the lightweight, Colorplan range can be laminated with microflute, which then gives birth to a stronger packaging that feels just like a premium uncoated paper without sacrificing quality. “Perfect for posting and available in short runs too. We chose Bright Red and White Frost for the inner carton and sleeve and foiled the outer with just a hint of gold. Festive,” explain the creatives behind the project.

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With the packaging all ‘wrapped up’, the artists went straight to the meaning of words, which also play a vital role in this year’s theme. Nicely illustrated by Rich Robinson, the boxes reveal a playful take on the Dr. Seuss classic, ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas.’ Surprisingly, the whole project was designed using an iPad Pro, whilst the illustrations were hand-drawn digitally using various brush tools to create a mischievous, crafty Christmas feel.

So, please, Grinch, keep your hands out of these marvelous gifts. We want them for ourselves!


Client: Bells of Lazonby

Agency: Robot Food