The Mustang debuted in 1964 and since then we have been witnesses to six generations of such cars. Over the span of the years, we have seen the vehicle in all of its glory. Currently, Ford is in its seventh generation, the Electric SUV. A pretty nice car, indeed, but the brand wants to draw our attention to its previous models, which kind of wrote history. Oh, the good old days, when Mustang was — and probably still is — synonym with rock’n’roll music.

The V8 engine revs only in rock musical notes and since its launch, it has been riding alongside this music style. Just like the Beetle did with hippy music all of its seven decades of history. Sadly, VW’s iconic car has already come off the production line, which means that the car – music relation has come to an end. But this is not what happens with the Mustang. Actually, the brand wants to strengthen even more this connection so, together with GTB Brazil, it launched a campaign in which the car manufacturer celebrates all of its Mustang models by featuring six Spotify playlists and posters that followed the artistic style from each time.

The two of them go hand-in-hand so well that some models of the Mustang are honored with song lyrics and video clips. Better, some of them even became a desired item for some famous rock stars. Because of this, Ford decided that it is now time to bring a tribute to this relationship by developing an AR camera APP that basically shows how each version of Mustang is, somehow, related to rock’n’roll.

During this week’s #ThrowBrandThursday, we’ll embark ourselves on a journey where we get to ride a Mustang. Well, in augmented reality, of course. So, while Elon Musk sends its Tesla in space on David Bowie beats, Ford sends its cars in a virtual world where we get to listen to songs by Monkees, Jimi Hendrix, Kiss, Black Sabbath, Queen, or Iron Maiden.

This whole audio experience is nicely complemented by the app, which asks users to photograph a Mustang. Once the users do this, the app instantly recognizes the model and inserts it in a representative poster of the generation and musical style, to be shared as an Instagram Story.

Simultaneously, the posters for each model were ready to be shared on social media. Actually, those who decided to share such a story were surprised at home with a print version that also led to the playlists. Isn’t this the most supreme tribute a car manufacturer can bring to both rock music and its vehicles?


Client: Ford

Agency: GTB Brazil