It is not known exactly why, but Vietnam seems to be coping well with COVID-19. On February 1st, the country kicked off a series of initiatives to tackle the spread of the deadly virus. The government suspended all flights to and from China, it closed the schools, and imposed a 21-day quarantine. Sure, most of the world’s states have strict regulations regarding the virus, but, somehow, Vietnam is ahead of the rest of the globe. Did you know that, so far, the country has had ‘only’ 241 confirmed COVID-19 coronavirus cases (of which 90 recovered), and no fatalities?

Although the statistics are in their favor, the people here are going through hard times as well. Yet, Vietnam shoe brand Biti’s found a way to lift their spirit. In collaboration with Vietnamese Hip Hop Artist Viet Max, the shoe brand launched a new footwear collection titled “Vietnamese Canvas of Pride.” The campaign’s aim is to make people feel better and features stories of those who are in the front line in the battle against the virus.

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All of these tales are presented under the form of comics, which are carefully embedded on Biti’s Hunter shoes, either for males or females. The brand believes that the stories featured bring a visual ode to the creativity, energy, and optimism of those who are struggling with the virus daily. The visual representations of the world’s current superheroes are made in partnership with IO Huy Vo, Art Director at Dentsu Redder. But you can also be part of the project: Biti’s has a program in which everyone can participate in designing shoes that convey inspiring stories from their perspective. Four of these designs will be selected and will be produced.

Ten percent of the revenue from these shoes will go to Biti’s 1 billion VND Fund, a program in which the brand supports medical equipment and other similar necessities. “It’s a time for our local brands to stop the same old procrastination to fast and strongly stand together: Spreading country love, Vietnam pride, optimism & positivity, united stories, and also driving good equity incremental for brands, and continuity for businesses in these days,” said Hung Vo, Vice President of Marketing, Biti’s, on his LinkedIn page.

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Creativity seems to be the weapon of choice for many brands and NGOs in the fight against the virus during these days. Last week, the UN initiated a similar project, inviting artists all over the world to donate their imagination to help tackle health and awareness during COVID-19. Creative agencies including FCB, Happiness, and R/GA, have built a platform — — where people can submit their ideas and see if their concepts resonate globally.

So far, over 200 creative leaders have signed up including some of advertising’s biggest names: Susan Credle (CCO, FCB Global), Andre Le Masurier (CCO EMEA, R/GA), Damon Stapleton (CCO, DDB NZ/AUS), Owen Lee (CCO, FCB Inferno), Liz Taylor (CCO Leo Burnett), Britt Nolan (CCO DDB North America), Per Pedersen (GCC, Grey Group), Joe Sciarrotta (Deputy CCO, Ogilvy), Marie Ronn (GCD, Spotify), Ronald Ing (CCO, Isobar), and many others.

“We had a ton of ideas, but quickly realized we needed help to make them truly global,” says the UN team. Thus, they decided to pour the foundation of a platform where the global creative community can help each other, in a simple but powerful way. “We are building this plane while flying, but we wanted to get this out to the world as quickly as possible. The world today needs ideas that work across continents.”

Setting your imagination free is highly important, especially in this day and age. Let your imagination carry you away and help the entities in the advertising world slow down the spread of the virus!


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