We can all agree that this is no good time to travel. Many of us have canceled our trips because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We can’t wait for this to be over to travel again. Yet, travel won’t be the same. And even if travel conditions change, one thing will remain the same: Waiting. Sometimes, the waiting between two flights it is not long enough to go to visit the city of residence of that airport nor short enough as to say that you can wait patiently for the next flight. It is somewhere in between, and you can do nothing but wait. But even this waiting, in which you do nothing, becomes a tiring experience.

Hold on! Did someone say tired? Then we suggest you take a nap. There you go: As you sleep, time will pass much easier. Not to mention that you get to relax. Yet, how can someone get some rest while laying on the floor? That’s not comfortable at all. If there were special places in airports where one can get some rest…

“Hold my beer,” said Evolution Hotel, which came up with a pretty nice idea to make the waiting more bearable and comfortable. With the help of advertising agency Nossa, the most innovative hotel in Lisbon created a portable bedroom that passengers can use to get some rest.

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During this week’s #ThrowBrandThursday, we are going to focus on the “Portable Room.” The concept is just the hotel’s way to highlight the fact that it does whatever it takes to make its guests feel comfortable. Even when waiting for their next flight. It is also an environment statement example, as the bed is made out of recycled cardboard. So, there you go: Client- and eco-friendly bed. What can one ask for more?

In order to be noticed and actually be used by the passengers, Evolution strategically placed its rooms within boarding areas. The beds borrowed the looks of some suitcases so that they could be handled with ease. But once unfolded, they stretched up to 1.9 meters to describe a bed. The concept was equipped with a tab to protect the travelers from the light and a secure place for them to place their bags. To top it off, the cardboards came with a QR voucher for 20% off the next stay at Evolution.

Another example — and quite recent — of thinking outside the (cardboard) box is that of Samsung, which unveiled to the audience its eco-packaging for its TV lineup. You might throw away other cardboards but not Samsung’s. And shortly, we’ll tell you why you don’t want to do this: First of all, the boxes are eco-friendly. Second, they can take the shape of things you might need around the house, such as a shelf, a TV console, a magazine rack, or even a feline castle. And third, they can bring you money. We’re talking big bucks!

Samsung is literally thinking outside the box and is willing to listen to other ideas. The South Korean company joined hands with Dezeen and launched a competition, Dezeen x Samsung Out of the Box Competition, offering a prize of $20K for the best upcycling solution.

So, Evolution, how does Samsung’s competition sound like? We bet that you can come up with another amazing idea, similar to – or why not, better than — the “Portable Room.”


Campaign: Portable Room

Client: Evolution Hotel

Agency: Nossa

Campaign: Eco-Packaging

Samsung, Deezen