For more than seven decades, Chiquita‘s blue stickers have stood as proof of good quality fruit and also a nice way to have fun. Each year, the brand comes up with new limited-edition blue stickers, making them extremely valuable items for collectors. These are unique but there’s one label that turns back each year: The pink one. For the third year in a row (and let’s hope the pandemic will not affect this year’s initiative), Chiquita’s blue stickers dressed in pink clothes, as a way to show the brand’s efforts to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Over the span of the years, Chiquita joined hands with various other brands to improve its stickers: Shazam, LEGO, or Snapchat are just a few of them. Now, it’s Spotify’s turn to see what the fruit brand can do with the services of the streaming music platform in combination with the ‘humble’ sticker.

This alliance, which was joined by MassiveMusic and DFFRNT Media too, gave birth to the “Chiquita Playlists,” a project to keep consumers’ minds busy during these times of stress and anxiety. Five limited-edition stickers are available on bananas inviting buyers to listen to Chiquita-inspired playlists. Each label is assigned to a different playlist which one can listen to once they scan the sticker on the banana.

There’s music for every taste: “Feeling Happy” is a playlist designed to boost your mood and get you smiling more often. “Tropical Vibes” reminds people of the times spent on the beach. The “Smile Workout” is for those who want to feel more energic. “The Classics” combines past decades’ great hits. Last (but not least, you’ll see) is “Cook & Dance,” a playlist that highlights the Chiquita recipes that one can make while dancing.

The cherry on top is the “Golden Banana,” which gives fans a chance to unlock fun games and having an opportunity to win a variety of music-inspired prizes. To enter a new game, just go to, where many prizes await you, some of them being a 12-month Spotify subscription and the company’s fabulous Chiquita Bluetooth speakers.

“By tapping into Spotify’s +250m active monthly users, Chiquita shows to be on top of the latest trends and tools. It provides its consumers with content that goes a long way. In this case, a virtual experience that combines fun with engagement thanks to the sharing element,” said MassiveMusic team.

Let this banana-inspired music flood your soul while you prepare one of the Chiquita recipes. Our Editor-in-Chief loves to “Cook & Dance” while baking her banana bread. How about you? Which playlist fits you best?


Client: Chiquita

Agency: DFFRNT Media

Music Agency: MassiveMusic