After three decades of silence, the LEGO Group has unveiled its intention to “Rebuild the World,” a campaign in which the main focus drops on its famous brick and how it can positively influence kids’ problem-solving capabilities. For this milestone in their life, the brand picked the BETC agency to be its creative partner. “Rebuild the world is our most ambitious global brand campaign to date. It’s the result of a unique collaboration between the LEGO® Agency and BETC Paris, which led to a perfect balance: The campaign is a new, modern expression of the true, deep foundations of the LEGO® brand. It is a playful interpretation of our mission to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow,” said Rémi Marcelli, Senior Vice President, Head of the LEGO® Agency.

During this week’s #ThrowBrandThursday column, we at are going to focus on this amazing story, which seems to be inspired by Lewis Carroll’s famous book “Alice in Wonderland.” In short, the plot is quite similar: The Hunter (LEGO’s protagonist) hides in the bushes, looking for something to hunt. But then, he catches sight of a White Rabbit. The hunter follows the fluffy animal down the street and comes across a place lined with doors. A random creature (a dragon), which seems to have been tasted from the “EAT ME” cake, passes down the street. In the book, because she consumed the same cake, Alice reaches huge dimensions, and because of this, she is unable to pass the door. So, she starts to cry. Her tears form a pool at her feet, allowing her to shrink again.

The LEGO script follows the same line, only instead of water, it uses fire spit by the dragon. The flames cause a car to take on fire, which is extinguished by a team of firefighters. The bunny steals the car and starts a “Caucus Race.” There are plenty of other “Alice in Wonderland” motifs, like the customer who is at the barbershop and spins his head at 360 degrees. Just like the Cheshire cat does. Plus, he has that same weird smile, similar to that of the feline.

The campaign shows that LEGO is committed to nurturing kids’ creativity, inviting them to use its bricks to build their own universe. “Unbuild. Re-build. Experiment. Break the rules. Fail. And try again. This is the cycle of creativity,” states the company. “Rebuild the world is all about seeing where imagination takes us and celebrating the natural creativity of children. We want to encourage and help kids around the world to develop and retain these skills as they grow older. With this campaign, we want to inspire people of all ages to unleash their creativity to create a world of infinite possibilities through LEGO® play,” concludes Julia Goldin, Chief Marketing Officer, the LEGO® Group.

Rémi Babinet, BETC Founder and Creative Director, describes the campaign as being a perfect way to carry both youngsters and adults into a world where they can invent something never seen before. The bricks offer LEGO aficionados a chance to imagine a new world. “If building is creating, then rebuilding is unlimited creativity and optimism,” Babinet adds.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s #RebuildTheWorld!


Client: LEGO Group

Agency: BETC