Founded in 2008, Banijay Entertainment keeps 22 territories entertained with over 88,000 hours of compressed content that are part of over 120 production labels. In 2018, the group showed its intention to buy the rival Endemol Shine Group, which has actually happened two years later. Thus, once the transaction was completed, the company decided that a new visual identity was needed.

Marco Bassetti, Chief Executive Officer, Banijay, comments: “The acquisition of Endemol Shine Group marks a major gear shift for our business and that had to be represented in our branding. We now have an unrivaled global reach, an abundance of high-quality, multi-genre titles, and some of the best creative entrepreneurs in the world.”

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Today, we find the company under the name Banijay, which also comes with a new brand, created by the independent global creative company Moving Brands. In order to outline the visual signature of this — somehow new — player in the production field, the agency was inspired by Banijay’s core values that are strongly reflected in high-quality production. Subsequently, the artists combined this feature of the group with its entrepreneurial, start-up spirit. And, voilà, a new brand identity is born. One that made lots of media outlets talk about it.

Moving Brands was hired in mid-March, just prior to the lockdown. Throughout all this time, the agency closely worked with the group, establishing its position, purpose, and behavior. Once they agreed on this, they moved forward. The next chapter focused on each company within the group, which deliver exceptional content. Due to this trait of theirs, Banijay settled on a new motto, one that would define both itself and the members of its family: “Storymaking Set Free.” Actually, this tagline lies at the foundation of the new visual story, Banijay acknowledging that its success couldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the stories featured by each of its companies.

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The current identity is a descendant of the former one, which distinguished itself by the presence of the letter “B.” Thus, the creators decided to reuse this motif and place it at the heart of this new look. By combining the symbol with the success of the entire collective, Moving Brands came to the conclusion that the concept of “portal” would work best in this situation, inviting the audience to explore the different labels and content that Banijay produces.

“Celebrating our values, the significant breadth of our new offering and our continued investment in innovative IP, the simple, yet effective branding, provides standout alongside versatility, and we hope in years to come, our B will act as a beacon for ground-breaking story-making and a stamp of excellence,” Bassetti adds.

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Being a player that wants to quench its thirst for diversity, the idea of “motion” incorporated in its identity made the company’s people smile. Starting from this idea, it is not surprising to see that the new signature is built around the concept of motion, which symbolizes progress. As for the colors, the artists chose plum and bright pink, shades that express distinctiveness, respectability, and, perhaps most importantly, the positive energy emanating from the entire organization.

In addition to being the proud authors of Banijay’s new visual identity, Moving Brands can also boast about having designed the website that hosts the group’s best-kept production secrets, such as Survivor, Big Brother, MasterChef, or Temptation Island.

Jon Hewitt, Creative Director from Moving Brands, continued: “It was clear from the beginning that Banijay does not see themselves as a particularly corporate organization with lots of red tape. For them, it’s about providing the support and framework for their 157 companies to create unique productions that are loved by audiences around the globe. As Banijay had always prioritized supporting the creativity of its individual group companies — the Group identity had historically not been given much attention. The acquisition of Endemol Shine created a perfect opportunity to do this, and we are so pleased to have played a part in the next phase of their business.”

Most of the production labels will continue to retain their original identities while faithfully reflecting Banijay’s ethos and its dedication to the B.

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Client: Banijay

Agency: Moving Brands