For those who think that becoming parents is a matter of time, getting pregnant is like hocus-pocus. But they couldn’t be more wrong. One can’t just stop using contraception and instantly get pregnant. The disappointment sets in pretty quickly once you see that you have been trying for a few months and you have no results. In such a case, it is important not to consult with “Dr. Google.” There are so many misconceptions about conception so it’s easy to get confused when it comes to this topic.

Mylo, formerly known as myLotus and now rebranded under the new name thanks to a collaboration between the fertility technology company and branding agency Ragged Edge, is here to shed light upon this matter. The brand offers tools and information people can use while trying to get pregnant. And throughout your experience with Mylo, you will be greeted with honesty, amongst others. “Getting pregnant is not always a matter of time, it’s more a matter of timing,” says Max Ottignon, Co-founder, Ragged Edge.

To conceive, you need to know your body, and the company offers products for you to track down your ovulation so that you know exactly when the best time to try to get pregnant is. To change the dialogue around this subject, the London-based agency developed an identity that is personal. The artists first started with the name: myLotus somehow referred to female genitalia as a flower. And the creatives didn’t want that. What they had in mind was something that is non-gender specific, and so, Mylo was born.

The color palette adopted is made up of skin tones, nicely complemented by a drop of bright blue, indirectly delivering a mood of good vibes. In terms of the logo and illustrations, these are described by having rough, handmade-looking edges. Lastly, we get to the tone of voice, which invites consumers to the big talk: Without giving away too much, the message is informative yet not overly scientific, supportive without being excessively sentimental.

Speaking about the campaign and the collaboration they had with the agency, Penny McCormick, CEO, Mylo, said: “We approached Ragged Edge with a slim timeline, right at the height of the pandemic, and asked them to do as much as they could. In fact, the team has revolutionized our brand and helped us see the value of taking a brave stance and challenging accepted narratives and communication styles. There were genuinely revelatory moments in the strategy phase. And what the creative team achieved in a matter of weeks is remarkable. Ragged Edge has continually pushed us to be brave not only for the sake of our brand but for the sake of the women and men we serve.”

While the experience is different for everyone, labor can be painful. But the pain cannot necessarily manifest itself physically, at least in the case of Ragged Edge creatives. Although it was pretty challenging, because the artists worked on the project via Zoom with some of the members having never actually met, the team prefers to refer to this process as to “A labor of love.” The long hours of “contractions” paid off and so we see a bunch of creatives giving birth to a perfectly healthy brand that wants to “get real about conception.”

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Client: Mylo

Agency: Ragged Edge