There’s a popular belief stating that one who sees a shooting star should make a wish. If this is true, the best chances to get out and “seek” for wishes is when the Perseids, the Geminids, the Leonids, or the Orionids happen. These offer a natural spectacle that is simply delightful to watch. Yet, there’s a peculiar shooting star which you’d rather not see. And if it happens to see it, hope for this outer space body to disappear before it destroys the Earth.

This unlikely meteor is made of rubbish we humans leave on our planet, such as plastics. Unlike other meteoroids, comets, or asteroids, this one is generated by human behavior and, as seen in an Ikea commercial, it threatens to destroy the Earth.

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In a video made by the creative agency Mother London, we see how this pile of garbage, in the form of a single meteoroid, is heading towards our planet. On Earth, a family is spotted going on with their lives in their own home, while on TV, the news can be heard: “Some climate experts say time is running out to prevent disaster unless we seriously change our habits.”

The “Fortune Favours the Frugal” campaign took shape to empower all of us to adopt an eco-friendly behavior and start focusing more on the idea of sustainability and what we can do to change the world for the better. Ikea’s suggestion is to use less energy and waste less food, habits that we can adopt immediately. Sure, such initiatives seem small but they surely have the power to make a huge difference and change the destiny of our planet into a positive one.

The one-minute-long video works as a reminder to us all, namely that we are running out of time in the face of a catastrophe. The short film opens with a scene with a meteoroid rapidly approaching the Earth. As it enters the planet’s atmosphere, the meteor disintegrates into plastics, metal, or home electronics. The scene then changes to a little girl and her family who, thanks to their eco-friendly acts, contribute to making the meteor get smaller and smaller in size. All that is left of it is a plastic bottle, a human-made meteorite, that lands in the girl’s back garden.

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The ad marks the brand’s intentions to go fully circular by 2030. Besides the TV ad, Ikea continues to speak about how our small acts can make a big difference through a series of prints. The posters illustrate refillable bottles, energy-saving LED bulbs, or bamboo-made straws shot on natural backgrounds just to show consumers that such landscapes can keep their beauty and remain the same as long as we change our behavior into a more environmentally friendly one and decide to live in moderation. Because… Less is more!


Agency: Mother London

Client: Ikea