With a mission to become “the largest butcher in the world with meat without animals,” The Vegetarian Butcher successfully transitioned from being a local brand to a global one. The award-winning company, part of the Unilever family, is rapidly expanding worldwide and has a message to send to the world: “Sacrifice Nothing.” In its latest and first global initiative, courtesy of creative agency TBWA\NEBOKO, the brand wants to show that when savoring their plant-based meat, one is actually sacrificing nothing.

The campaign kicks off with a TV spot by British director CD Morrish which, hopefully, will conquer the hearts of flexitarians and meat lovers and increase their appetite for veggie meat. The action of the ad unfolds in what looks like to be a traditional butcher shop. Knives, meat grinders, and the dried sausage give the location away. Yet, at a closer look, viewers can see that the meat maneuvered by the butcher is, in fact, plant-based food from The Vegetarian Butcher.

One can hear the naysayers’ comments echoing in the background: “Plant-based food will always taste like plants” or that “We must sacrifice it all.” Yet, the video demonstrates that there’s no need for meat lovers to sacrifice taste or traditions when opting for a vegetarian meat alternative. Plus, all the delicious dishes placed on the table show that vegetarian meat offers full enjoyment.

Natalia Forster, Business Director at the Amsterdam-based agency, said: “‘Sacrifice Nothing’ is a message of strength from a brand that’s not afraid to push the boundaries, excited to bring this message to the world and with it, the notion that we can have it all.”

Max Tyler and Alfie Hardman, Creatives at TBWA\NEBOKO, continued: “This TVC is just the start. The ‘Sacrifice Nothing’ message is a rich playing field for more ideas that have bite, humor, and rebelliousness.”

Together with its founder, Jaap Korteweg, the brand believes it is possible that approximately 80% of meat will be plant-based by 2045. With this brand film and campaign, the company aims to significantly increase its profile and start a movement.

Karlijn Ris, Global Marketing Director at The Vegetarian Butcher, said: “Since the start in 2010, The Vegetarian Butcher has always built conversation by sharing the personal story of Jaap. Together with TBWA\NEBOKO and Director CD Morris, this story is captured and brought to life in a unique and authentic way. The clear message of ‘Sacrifice Nothing’ really resonates with The Vegetarian Butcher’s growing community of rebels, pioneers, and lovers of the new meat, who make this revolution happen every day.”

The Vegetarian Butcher is not targeting vegetarians. Rather, it seeks to address flexitarians, who are less convinced by the ethical aspects of a meat-free diet and who don’t want to compromise the taste. The video campaign rolls out in the UK via TVC, digital, and social, and is currently running in the Netherlands and Germany. It will soon extend to countries like Austria, Sweden, and Finland.


Client: The Vegetarian Butcher

Agency: TBWA\NEBOKO Amsterdam

Production: Stink Films

Music: Audentity