Recently, Singapore Airlines (SIA) introduced its Batik Motif, a batik-inspired print that delights the eye of the beholder with the beauty it conveys, fueled by the positive energy emanated by some native flowers of Singapore. “We created a new heritage-inspired icon, the Singapore Airlines Batik Motif that pays homage to our iconic sarong kebaya,” says Yeoh Phee Teik, Senior Vice President Customer Experience, SIA.

Unique colors and shapes burst into an explosion of colors, engaging the viewers into a memorable show. A visual symphony is outlined, as the flowers bloom one by one, each putting their “voices” at work to help deliver an audio experience where every SIA passenger can be a spectator.

The stage where the concert happens is both on the ground and in the sky, thus making the travelers part of the SIA experience. Carefully orchestrated by specialist sonic branding agency DLMDD, “The Sound of Singapore Airlines” musical performance features three 10-minute instrumental tracks created for each moment when a plane trip is scheduled. “Landing Music,” “Boarding Music,” and “Lounge Music” have been created to be played during boarding, landing, and in airport lounges. Travelers can also hear the music trilogy across every other SIA customer touchpoints and also on Spotify.

Inspired by SIA’s visual world, the musical pieces represent the brand’s new sonic identity, which is aimed at stimulating all of the five senses. To translate this visual side to the audio one, the artists took the voices of the flowers and the feeling one experiences at 30,000 feet, creating something that’s set to be part of every traveler’s journey. “The Sound of Singapore Airlines” was created by award-winning composer Rohan De Livera, in collaboration with audio architect Dominic Murcott.

Responsible for designing and building a unique digital instrument able to translate the batik’s visual world and develop the color frequencies of the flowers into 14 sets of melodic fragments was Murcott, while De Livera used the instrument to create the symphonic melodies heard in the trilogy, performed by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra.

Max De Lucia, Founder and Client Director of DLMDD, says: “There has never been a more important moment in history for an airline to tell and evolve its story in the skies. This is a truly stunning sonic identity that not only pushes artistic possibilities and technological capabilities, but most importantly brings collaborators from all corners of the world together to create something bold, innovative, and unique that’s going to live with the airline for many years to come.”

“If flowers could speak, how would they sound?” Murcott asks. To find the answer, we invite you to have a look behind the scenes at the story of creating the sound of Singapore Airlines.


Client: Singapore Airlines

Agency: DLMDD