There are lots of activities to enjoy on Easter, yet the most obvious one is the egg hunt. Last year though, because of the COVID-19 lockdown and social distance restrictions, children couldn’t go out and hunt eggs. Luckily, chocolate brand Milka had the ingenious idea of moving this tradition online, in the gaming world to be more specific, inviting both parents and kids to spend some quality time together while being safe, at home.

During this week’s #ThrowBrandThursday, we present you with the brand’s idea of trying to save this Easter tradition with nothing else than the star of it: the egg. Titled “The Virtual Egg Hunt,” the initiative developed by agency David Madrid took place in the most played video game during the lockdown, Fortnite, where actual Easter eggs were hidden within the game.

Using Fortnite Creative, the team asked professional Romanian gamer and YouTube personality Maxsialtele to develop the experience. A map reflecting the iconic landscapes of the Alps emerged, allowing players to engage in the competition and find the 15 hidden eggs as quickly as possible.

In a year when Easter was very different because of the pandemic, Milka managed to keep the tradition alive. “During this period, families gave up so many things. They can’t go to sports training or parties and anniversaries. Instead, with the help of this unique game, families can continue to enjoy the holiday activities and start a virtual Easter egg hunt,” said Lavinia Ghinescu, Senior Brand Manager, South Central Europe.

Kids, parents, and gamers of all ages were invited to be part of the virtual hunt, Milka providing a digital playground for fans to play safely while having fun exploring the unique world of the Alps in search of Easter eggs. Originally launched in Romania, the hunt managed to spread to the rest of Europe. With more than 50k eggs found, the initiative was the most talked-about Easter campaign in the brand’s history.


Client: Milka

Agency: David Madrid