Amsterdammers definitely noticed at least one Veloretti bicycle along the canals of the city. With a simple and modern design, these timeless bicycles are built keeping the riders’ comfort in mind, helping them to get through their daily rush in style. The two-wheelers are designed in Amsterdam and handcrafted in Europe, being developed so that they can adapt to the unpredictable conditions offered by the urban roads.

For the launch of the Amsterdam-based company’s first-ever e-bike, they wanted a brand identity and campaign that reflects their innovation in a stylish way. By joining forces with creative production studio Ambassadors, Veloretti announced that “It’s On,” teasing the launch of the bike with a brand identity and a 20-second-long video.

The creatives worked on the bike’s identity from start to finish, having developed a CG-animated teaser film that elegantly showcases the product’s silhouette and features. In addition to this, the studio was responsible for elements such as campaign concept and developing both the in-store and online experience for the electric-assisted bicycle.

Ferry Zonder, Founder, Veloretti, said: “With our all-new Veloretti e-bike, we want to pack all the punch of a fully-connected model into our distinctive and timeless design philosophy. The bike has all the features to become the next big thing in city commuting. Ambassadors really understood and embraced that vision to create an identity and campaign that shows the product’s feature in a smart, stylish, and playful way.”

“This was my first project coming into Ambassadors, and it was a pleasure to receive such an open brief with the opportunity for us to expand on what we’re known for towards other elements like the website, in-store experience, and social channels,” continues Justin Blyth, Global Head of Creative, Ambassadors.

Working closely with the VFX and design teams, the studio team’s efforts can be noticed in the sound design as well, composing the video’s original score, with special attention to creating a strong crescendo without sounding expected.

The full campaign and product launch is expected to happen in late May, with products including Ivy for women and Ace for men. Whilst such electric bikes are often positioned to appeal to gadget-loving guys, Veloretti hopes to reach city commuters who look to ride fast and still be in style. According to the studio, the e-bike “aims to pay homage to the rich heritage of European cycling, with a classic, connected e-bike that fits into their young, diverse customers’ lifestyle.”

Lockdown restrictions impacted the bike’s production and the originally-planned live shoot, so CG was a good option to showcase the product. “Various stages of lockdown impacted the project, not only in terms of the original live shoot in Portugal being canceled but actually that the design of the bike wasn’t able to be completed when we kicked off. Throughout production, we had various parts of the bike delivered as they were made for us to develop CADs, and we just remained in fluid communication with Veloretti to adjust the design as needed. And of course, we worked remotely almost the entire project, but we made it work,” concluded Blyth.

While the brand says that with its e-bike you’ll enjoy “the smoothest electric ride you’ll ever experience,” the video is a multisensory treat for the brain, pampering our senses with both its eye-pleasing visual and captivating audio elements.


Client: Veloretti

Founder: Ferry Zonder

Marketing Manager: Thierry Boeckholtz

Marketing Project Manager: Roos Bodewes

Studio: Ambassadors

Creative Director: Justin Blyth

Copywriter: Asli Zeren

Art Director: Jurriën Boogert

Producers: Carolina van Vugt, Arjan Eekels

Sound Producer: Zoë de Regt

Artist Manager: Marissa Zandvliet

3D Supervisor: Dimos Hadjisavvas

3D Animation: Nick Groeneveld

3D Artists: Charlotte Vallet, Jeroen Hoolmans, Jeroen Cloosterman, Ralph Meijer, Robin van As

VFX Artist: Micha de Graaf

Layout & Storyboard: Jurriën Boogert, Rachelle Slingerland

Sound Designer: Rens Pluijm

Composers: Sebastiaan Roestenburg, Wessel-Jan van Zijderveld