Named “the greatest American architect of all time” by the American Institute of Architects, Frank Lloyd Wright believed in designing in line with humanity and the environment. Through his innovative work, he influenced architects around the world. Now, the luxury faucet brand Brizo wants to pay a tribute to Wright’s long-lasting influence via a new bath collection.

According to the brand’s AOR Young & Laramore, which developed the integrated campaign accompanying the launch, “Brizo has always looked to the future,” with Wright being a great source of inspiration for its latest line, as he devoted his entire career to looking forward and reinvent the way we see the world. The Frank Lloyd Wright® Bath Collection by Brizo® features a design that stays faithful to the artist’s style and is developed in partnership with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.

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The collection shows that Wright’s legacy isn’t complete. “People sometimes make the mistake of thinking Frank Lloyd Wright’s legacy is complete,” Stuart Graff, President and CEO of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, says. “But really, it’s ongoing. It’s not just about what he created in his lifetime — it’s about all the artists and all the disciplines he inspired and their work going forward.”

In honoring his talent and artistic vision, each element of the brand’s bath suite has been meticulously designed to reflect that “His Vision Continues.” Partnering with the Brizo company “has been such a delight,” continues Graff, explaining that the team knows that paying homage to the architect’s vision translates to continuing it. “And with this collection, they have,” the CEO adds.

In every element of the collection, one can discover the architect’s philosophy and six principles of organic architecture: simplicity, individuality, belonging, palette, substance, and integrity. “You can feel Frank Lloyd Wright’s spirit in every detail of this collection. It’s so thoughtfully designed. To showcase that, we treated the faucet itself as a piece of architecture. The architectural models at the heart of this campaign are exquisitely crafted — not only channeling Wright’s design philosophy but truly highlighting the artistry behind every Brizo collection,” Trevor Williams, Group Creative Director, Young & Laramore, explains.

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The Indianapolis-based agency marked the debut of the collection with a launch video before exploring the brand’s design process via a short docu-style video. The team also developed a VR experience, inviting designers to explore the collection firsthand. The VIP guests and designers at the live-streamed launch event were surprised with carefully crafted gift boxes, enabling them to get a glimpse at the artisanship behind the collection in a tangible way.

“Honoring a legacy as iconic as Frank Lloyd Wright’s is a huge opportunity for us as a brand. It’s a chance to showcase our elevated approach to design and solidify our position as a pioneering voice in the industry. Y&L took full advantage of that. From the thoughtful way they included architectural models to the meticulously designed invitation boxes and the incredible virtual showroom, they thought through every touchpoint — approaching each like Wright himself would have done,” Lucia McBroom, Senior Brand Manager, Brizo, explains.


Client: Brizo

Agency: Young & Laramore

President and Chief Strategy Officer: Tom Denari

Principal, Executive Creative Director: Carolyn Hadlock

Principal, Group Creative Director: Trevor Williams

Creative Director: Scott King

Senior Writer: Jane Driver

Senior Designer: Mitchell Brown

Senior Art Director: Gina Caratelli

UX Designer: Rachel Regan

Motion Designer: Sarah Frucci

Videographer: Paul Schreiber

Video Content Editor: Julia Breakey

Senior Digital Developer: Chris Weiper

Account Management, Group Account Director: Nick Prihoda

Account Supervisor: Alexandra Neff

Account Manager: Sydney Jameson

VP, Media Director: Lindsey Warner

Media Director: Bess Browning

Digital Media Planner/Buyer: Amanda Eagle

Director of Production: Lynn Kendall

Production Designer: Jeff Durham

Production Designer: Pam Kelliher



Director: Lukas Dong

Producer: Cody Autterson

Producer: Tyler Sgueglia

Production Studio: Porch House

Photographer: Nils Ericson

Composer: Katya Richardson

PR Partner Agency: MSL

Vice President: Hannah Van Malssen

Account Supervisor: Kirsten Viohl

Account Supervisor: Allie Goodrich

Senior Account Executive: Shelby Saunders

Senior Account Executive: Anna Fong

Account Executive: Payton Taylor

Account Executive: Katie Garside

Assistant Account Executive: Hannah Bok