Whether we like it or not, first impressions matter. The way you look and behave when you first meet someone can make a difference, setting the tone for your future opportunities. The same formula applies to product packaging as well, an important factor that can influence a consumer’s decision. In fact, it only takes about seven seconds for a potential buyer to make an impression about a product. But, if you’re having a good hair day and you are confident in your forces, the chances of your product grabbing people’s attention are probably much higher.

Coincidently — or not — during our weekly #ThrowBrandThrusday column, we are bringing to your attention Russian artist¬†Nikita Konkin‘s packaging design project: Good Hair Day Pasta, an interesting design concept in which he completely reimagined pasta, reinterpreting different shapes of the noodles as fabulous hairstyles.

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“I use the strands and shapes of pasta to create an interesting series of packaging that capture attention on the shelves. It emphasizes the high-quality & naturalness of pasta. And of course, it should bring good mood for people with good taste,” said the artist.

Made when Konkin was “in love and perhaps this influenced [him], though it could be just a coincidence,” he confesses, the white boxes are assembled from paper and transparent plastic. The face of a female figure is carefully outlined onto the surface of the box. Her face is nicely framed by different types of noodles, imitating classy hairstyles and which are visible through cut-outs. The spaghetti type is turned into straight hair, fettuccine is great to create a voluminous hairstyle, and cavatappi is just perfect to illustrate curly hair.

While the plastic-made windows offer consumers a chance to see the content of the boxes, it makes the recycling process more difficult. Yet, we can’t help but admit that its design is eye-catching and consumers who find it ingenious can find other creative ways to give it a new meaning and, why not, turn the packaging of the pasta into a beautiful collection. German company Greenomic Delikatessen purchased the project, launching the Good Hair Day Pasta product line.

The artist surely had a good hair day(s) with this project. The packaging design brought Konkin numerous prestigious awards, including Gold at A’ Design Award & Competition in 2017 and Silver at Pentawards in 2016.

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Client: Greenomic Delikatessen

Design: Nikita Konkin