Teaming up with agency FCB New York, audio streaming company Spotify launched its first global brand campaign for Spotify Advertising, hoping to attract advertisers, publishers, and creators to use its platform and establish stronger connections with the listeners in a meaningful way. The B2B campaign, titled “All Ears on You,” is based on the new study “Sonic Science” the brand has conducted in partnership with Neuro-Insight.

According to the research, digital audio is more engaging than radio, TV, and social media. But what does that mean for businesses? In short, it means a chance for them to reach a “truly engaged audience, if not the most engaged audience.”

The company addresses potential advertisers with a video campaign, portraying listeners as they calmly slide through the day thanks to the power of music. While playing the music in their ears, they are shrouded in an audio bubble, protecting them from the hustle and bustle of the city. Directed by Amber Grace Johnson via Object & Animal, the brand’s short film aims to show advertisers what it means to gain the attention of a fully engaged audience, especially in a world full of distractions.

The video opens with a noisy city, where drivers are overusing their cars’ horns and pedestrians are finding themselves in a hurry, stumbling on each other. Yet a woman smoothly finds her way out of this world. Simply absorbed by the music playing in her ears, she manages to ignore the chaos in the city and transcend to a new place.

“This film is a window into the life of someone truly present — a young woman who defies the gravity of today’s experience by way of music. Our main character is able to rise above the ambush of the digital zeitgeist, an at-times suffocating frenzy,” explains the director. “I wanted to share the wonders of music and how it can transport you to another dimension, if you let it,” Johnson continues.

Although, for most of the part, the video is set on Joy Crookes‘ song “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now,” viewers are treated with some other sounds they can find on Spotify, such as podcasts snippets. The director explains that she did so to introduce other heroes “who also find an almost delirious escapism in music. Whether you’re a couple falling in love while sharing a song, listening to an alien podcast trying to pass time in bumper-to-bumper, or a dreamer who’s healing her anxiety with a meditation podcast — we all can live at ease in our bubbles if we desire to.”

Using digital video, social media, and audio ads, Spotify is ready to bring the “All Ears on You” campaign to life in markets including the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Spain, and New Zealand. So, are you ready to “reach the most immersed audience?”


Client: Spotify

Agency: FCB New York

Production Company: Object & Animal

Director: Amber Grace Johnson