Many of us have experienced anxiety at some point or another in our lives — it is a normal reaction our body has in the face of stress and, sometimes, it can be beneficial. Anxiety can be mild and transient, yet, in some other cases, it can become problematic, affecting both the personal and professional life of patients.

We feel constantly alert, we can no longer distinguish personal life from the professional one, or we become irritated. This is how exhausted lawyer Fernanda Weizenmann, fashion entrepreneur Roberta Abrantes, and electrical engineer Roberto were before embarking on a journey to discover the many benefits the mountains have on one’s overall well-being.

Originally brewed in Latin America and having the mountainous region of Patagonia as inspiration, the brewery Cerveza Patagonia decided to show how important the connection with nature is for people experiencing stress, exhaustion, and high levels of anxiety. In partnership with Brazilian philosopher Viviane Mosé and following a series of psychological tests, the brand has identified twenty people affected by mental exhaustion.

Three of them were invited to take part in the brand’s “Mountain Experiment” and see whether the mountains can help them relax and find a balance in their lives. For several days, the participants had the opportunity to explore and interact with nature in Cambará do Sul, one of the country’s coldest places. All this time, they breathed the fresh and cold mountain air and enjoyed the symphony the surroundings offered them for free. Before they knew it, their hearts synchronized with the mountains’ beats, eventually discovering how rewarding being friends with the mountains is.

The experiment helped the participants understand the importance nature plays in helping us fight stress: Following the test, Fernanda‘s way of living the day has changed, Roberta discovered that there is no better company than herself, and it inspired Roberto to be spontaneous and start exploring the mountains more.

The campaign was launched to coincide with “Dia Mundial de Combate ao Estresse,” (World Day to Combat Stress), celebrated September 23. Viewers can see the results of the experiment in a short video directed by I.M (Irmãos Meirelles), who beautifully captured the mountains’ therapeutic effect.


Client: Cerveza Patagonia

Prod: Cafe Royal

Creative Director: Bernardo Tavares


Directed by I.M

DoP: Juliano Dutra

EP: Moa Ramalho, Giovana Grigolin

Dir. Prod: Matheus Mombelli, Pedro Gomes

AD: Julia Garcia

Prod. Coordinator: Alex Missaka, Chelide Teixeira

Account: Bruna Chamliam, Leticia Leandro

Casting: Fabi Freitas

Post: HUB vfx

Edit: Fabio Meirelles

Color Grading: Acauan Pastore

Sound: Cordel Audio