Having spent 25 years sourcing and creating some of the best plant-based food from around the world, Merchant Gourmet continues to champion the power of plants, the delicious flavors they deliver, and the good impact they have on the planet with a mouth-watering initiative designed with the wellbeing of humans and the environment in mind.

When considering a meatless diet, one might feel intimidated, especially by what to cook. Or the way they should prepare it. But worry not, dear gourmets, as the brand has designed the vegan cookbook “The Simple Plant-Based Cookbook,” making it easier for them to try veggie treats without having to compromise on taste.

So, whether you plan to try a vegan option for one dinner only, surprise your family and friends with a tasty meatless Monday, or switch to a plant-based diet for a longer period of time, the book contains more than 60 easy-to-prepare recipes for you to choose from. While all of these food suggestions are designed to make your mouth water, there’s a recipe created to tickle the planet’s taste buds as well.

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With an “Appetite for Change,” the food company aims to “save the planet one meal at a time” and, with the help of Uncommon, the brand sought to encourage consumers to eat more plants and feel better by providing them some fresh ingredients upon purchasing the book. During this week’s #ThrowBrandThursday column, we are going to focus on Merchant Gourmet’s cookbook, whose limited-edition cover was designed by the creative studio to include seeds — for your meal — and “a bit of hope” — which is for nature, says the studio.

The cover features an illustration of a fork with tines pointed towards the top of the book and a handle that has roots in the ground. The silhouette of the cutlery is a reinterpretation of a plant, which draws its life from the ground through its roots to majestically grow towards the sky. Moreover, the image reflects the company’s dedication to creating high-quality food, inspiring people to consume more plants, and contributing to a cleaner and healthier planet.

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Commenting on the project, Lucy Jameson, Co-founder, Uncommon, said: “Helping to save the environment can feel overwhelming. But there’s an easy and delicious way we can stand up for the environment — simply by sitting down for a nice plant-based meal. Launching a cookbook felt like a useful way to bring to bear Merchant Gourmet’s incredible mission towards a new food system. One where we eat what’s good for us and the planet.”

Richard Peake, Managing Director, Merchant Gourmet, explained: “At Merchant Gourmet, we believe that eating food should not only be nourishing but better for the planet — and should never be at the cost of time or taste. We’re really excited to share this project we’ve been working on with Uncommon and continue to be a catalyst for change in helping reduce meat consumption in the UK.”

The cover works as a clever way to communicate the care one has for the environment. Made from recycled paper, the plantable cover is infused with real seeds which, once placed in soil, basil, parsley, or oregano will grow. Just rip tiny parts from the cover, place the pieces in the soil, and water regularly. Put the pot under the sun and wait for the fresh ingredients to grow. Now add them to your recipes and enjoy your meal. Bon appétit!


Client: Merchant Gourmet

Creative Studio: Uncommon