The internet can be easily considered a blessing for humanity: And we say this not only because it proved to be very helpful during the pandemic, helping us to “survive” and connect with each other in safe terms, but also because it allows us to keep ourselves in the loop of what’s going on. Ironically, the internet is also a place where some of the information we feed our minds with turns out to be fake. This is one of the many harmful sides of the internet, one that spreads rapidly (70% faster than real ones, according to a study from the MIT) and which makes it difficult for the world to distinguish the truth from a lie.

As a player that has been preaching truth since its inception in 1921, the largest newspaper in Latin America, Folha de São Paulo, reached out to creative agency Africa, asking it to be its partner in the battle against this plague that, sadly, can easily corrupt the human mind. With “The Most Valuable News” campaign, which we are going to focus on during this week’s #ThrowBrandThursday, the newspaper aimed to highlight how much real information is worth in his day and age.

In tackling the spread of the fake news phenomenon, the brand took a different approach, creating a special edition of its newspaper following a design that’s similar to real banknotes, symbolically suggesting to readers the priceless value reliable news carries within its genetics. “After all, nowadays, real news can be worth as much as a country’s currency,” we find out from a statement. A bold affirmation that the brand further supported by actually printing its pages using the same technique people use in printing money.

Collaborating with a former official money designer illustrator, the special issue was brought to life following all the steps required in producing real banknotes — such as security paper, a watermark with light and dark tones, elements visible to UV light, fluorescent fibers, exclusive holographs, microlettering, microprints, micro-perforated numbering, and tactile printing. In short, “Everything was done to guarantee the authenticity and value of each news article.”

With misinformation in the spotlight, Folha de São Paulo’s award-winning campaign was conceived to “set true news as the most valuable currency in the world,” communicating to readers the importance of professional journalism — which needs to be appreciated as an extremely worthy resource now more than ever.


Client: Folha de São Paulo

Agency: Africa


Chief Creative Officer: Sergio Gordilho

Executive Creative Director: Humberto Fernandez, Otavio Schiavon

Art Director: Humberto Fernandez, Sergio Gordilho

Copywriter: Otavio Schiavon, Raphael Vandystadt, Angerson Vieira

Designer: Humberto Fernandez


Client Services: Claudia Almeida

Media: Rodrigo Famelli, Gabriela Dib


Special Projects Creative Director: Monique Lopes Lima, Juliana Leite

Special Projects: Lica de Souza, Fernando Alonso, Isabela Levy, Thays Miranda, Caio Rodrigues, Julia Newman

Sustainability & Institutional Relations: Raphael Vandystadt

Content and Art: Luiz Felix


Illustration: Renan Santos, Alexandre Camanho


Agency Producers: Rodrigo Ferrari, Patricia Gaglioni, Fernanda Segura

Agency Editor and Motion Designer: Ricardo Matta, Glauber Tsu


Film Production Company 1: Saigon Filmes

Director: Manu Mazzaro

Executive Producer: Marcelo Altschuler

Client Services: Fernanda Gomes, Rafael Costa, Karin Diniz

Production Coordination: Carol Pessini, Luiza Campanelli, Natalia Cardoso, Giovanna Burzichelli

Assistant Director: Raissa Negromonte

Director of Photography: Luciana Baseggio

Art Director: Carol Ozzi

Object Producer: Isabella Yumi

Production Manager: Murilo Baskerville

Production: Marina Stacciarini, Marina Ricardi

Costume Designer: Bianca Hofling Scorza

Casting Producer: Case Casting

Makeup: Mima Mizukami

Editor: Ivan Kanter

Finisher: Malu Leopassi

Post-production Coordination: Virgini Fares / Malu Leopassi

Colorist: Osmar Junior

Finalization: Butterfly


Film Production Company 2: La Carretera

Direction: Mauricio Guimaraes Pisani

Images: Lucio Telles

Production: Andreia Rodrigues


Color Grading: Bleach


Sound Production Company: Supersonica


Print Company: Primi Tecnologia

Graphic Producer: Jeferson Ferreira


3D Production Company: Boson Post

Director: Eduardo Brandao

Executive Director: Ezany Brandao

Client Services: Camila Ferraz

Post-production Coordination: Carlos J. Fernandes

3D: Joao Paulo

Motion Design: Fernando Dias, Eliel Guimaraes


Photographer: Rodrigo Pirim


Approved by: Antonio Manuel Teixeira Mendes/ Leticia Barbosa de Carvalho