Language: The primary tool we have at hand to communicate our thoughts. To express ideas and opinions on a specific topic, one needs to be familiar with that theme’s vocabulary — which, of course, is made of words. Through words, everything has a meaning. In fact, each year, new words are added to dictionaries around the world. For example, Merriam-Webster added 455 new words in 2021, most of them related to internet slang, the pandemic, politics, and pop culture. “Just as the language never stops evolving, the dictionary never stops expanding,” explains the publisher.

But what about the old ones? Words that, for some reason, didn’t make it to the pages of some dictionaries? While documenting for the 2022 Her for She campaign, part of Hershey’s HerShe empowerment platform, BETC HAVAS and the chocolate manufacturer discovered that the word “sororidade” (“sorority” or “sisterhood” in English) is still missing from several main dictionaries in Brazil.

Not being present in some dictionaries gave the agency and the brand the idea of developing a new wordbook entirely dedicated to the term “sororidade.” Suggestively titled the “One-Word Dictionary,” the word is defined by the ones who understand this term the most: women.

Influencers, rappers, activists, scientists, film directors, and many other ladies were invited to express their own thoughts on “sisterhood.” Some of the personalities who embraced the idea of explaining this word from their own point of view are Katu Mirim, Ryane Leão, Kananda, and Julia Pak.

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“Since the birth of the HerShe platform in 2020, every year we have brought a new angle of female empowerment and the different ways to foster it in society. This year, we leveraged this proposal with Her for She: Women supporting women, a chain of nominations, recognition, and sisterhood. The ‘One-Word Dictionary’ comes from the idea of expanding this concept and telling the meaning of the word ‘sororidade’ (sorority in English) through the work of several talented women,” commented Camila Ribeiro – LATAM Marketing Director.

To promote the dictionary, the São-Paulo-based agency developed a short video, showcasing the creation process along with details of the wordbook. Developed using intense colors and messages, the specially developed edition features plenty of definitions publishers in Brazil can choose from to include in their dictionaries. The limited-edition wordbook was produced in 100 copies, which are planned to be sent to influencers across the Latin American country.

“It’s hard to believe that this word, such an important topic for us, doesn’t have a definition in the Brazilian dictionary. So much so that, to be disseminated and understood by all, there are still several conversation circles and it is the subject of Brazilian activists. May this be the beginning of a strong appeal for Brazilian dictionaries to update themselves on this and so many other needs,” concludes Anna Ferraz, Head of Production at BETC HAVAS São Paulo.

Women empowerment has been — and still is — an extremely significant subject in achieving gender equality. The “One-Word Dictionary” represents yet another step made in the right direction, continuing the conversation around equal opportunities for all in a very creative way. Also visible across social media and YouTube, the campaign is in line with Hershey’s mission to give visibility to female talent and foster debate amongst men and women about the fight for gender equality, a conversation that has started back in 2020, with the launch of the HerShe initiative.


Client: Hershey’s Brasil


CCO: Erh Ray

Creative VP: Andrea Siqueira

Creative Direction: Marcelo Ribeiro

Associate Creative Director: Victor Castelo

Creation: Edwyrgs Vargas, Eduarda Vidaurre, Júlia Malavazzi, Karina Antunes, Vanessa Zimerer, Fernanda Peka, Fernando Fregate, Philippe Demar, Lucas Madu, Pedro Arvati, Guilherme Markert, Iedo Gualberto, Raul Lima

Account Director: Fabiane Veiga

Jr. Account Manager: Rebecca Nociti

Account Supervisor: Giovana Pagliarini

Content Director: Daniela Lima

Community Manager: Yasmin Ribeiro e Carina Nascimento

Production: Anna Luisa Ferraz

RTV: Juliana Arantes, Andrea Carmassi e Cindy Cardoso

Graphic Production: Gilmar Souza, Carlos Valeriano, Plínio Junior, Marcio Brusaferro

Motion: Motionhand Filmes

Illustration: Estúdio Olho Bala

Client Approval: Larissa Diniz, Camila Ribeiro, Rodrigo Campos