The FIFA World Cup 2018 is just around the corner. Russia has already prepared for the world’s most important sporting event with a bold visual identity for the country. Now, residents of hundreds of other countries have received a suggestion from soft drink giant Coca-Cola about how they should get ready for this highly-anticipated event: with brand new Coca-Colas! Obviously.

Together with Mercado McCann, the company produced a campaign that will run in 200 countries around the world. Launched as a creative invitation, the initiative summons football fans around to globe to start “Being Ready”, while asking them to equip themselves with the brand’s bubbly beverages so they can enjoy every second of the sporting show.

Responsible for developing the brand’s centerpiece, the Buenos Aires-based agency created lovely visual gifts and presented them as four TV commercials (one of which comes out from the hands of The Cyranos // McCann, Barcelona).

Not ready for the World Cup yet? Then get ready for Coca-Cola’s inspiring videos!

The first short film suggests you to “Stock Up” and its action unfolds to the tones of AC/DC’s classic hit “Are You Ready?” The song was chosen to inspire fans to get out right in time and buy enough of their favorite drink so they can pamper their taste buds whilst enlightening their sight during the top notch matches.

“Ready For” another round? Then the second video is exactly for you! The 60-second-long video opens up with Coca-Cola employees training the soda bottles (yes, you’ve read that right) for what’s next to come. The company’s staff tells them what they may experience during the event and empowers the beverages to really “show the world what they’re made of.”

The campaign’s pièce de résistance comes right before the kick-off on Thursday: titled “Uplifted Alex,” the 30-second ad is set to appear first within the frame of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. But this isn’t just your typical commercial, thanks to Coca Cola’s ability to innovate in the field of brand advertising. To achieve such status, the brand and the creative agency designed the first-of-its-kind ad with a plot that takes place in a video game. The spot showcases Alex Hunter, star of the game and also the brand’s first virtual ambassador, being encouraged by a little boy who gives his own soda to the former player.

With such job comes huge responsibility. Alex’s character comes to life to promote the brand’s Zero Sugar line. Also, the spot is being pre-released on the Coca-Cola Sign on Times Square – as the first 3D electro-kinetic billboard, claims the agency.

The fourth video was imagined by the Barcelona-based agency and depicts football fans encouraging each other to succeed. They manage to do so thanks to the ambition and dignity with which they fight and, of course, thanks to a refreshing sip of a Coca-Cola.

To further complement the campaign, the agency designed a special edition of the Coca-Cola cans and embellished their looks with numbers from 0 to 9. The whole idea behind this initiative is to encourage fans to share predictions before each match with their friends on social media platforms.

Moreover, Mercado McCann worked closely with Coca-Cola’s Global Design Team to bring the campaign’s imagery to life, for which photographers Guy Aroch & Anna Palma donated their time. “The agency also participated on Panini’s digital sticker album with an exclusive section for fans, among other activations,” says the company in a press release. So, sit back, take a sip of your ‘Coke’ and enjoy the biggest footballing event in the world.


Agency: Mercado McCann

Client: Coca-Cola