It’s not the first time we hear that some big brand is making fun of another huge company for the sake of advertising. Burger King has done it and no one blamed the restaurant for any wrongdoing. In fact, its marketing campaign which trolled McDonald’s using their own clown mascot was highly applauded. But this wasn’t enough for BK and they did it again. Remember when the restaurant dressed up as a giant McDonald’s ghost? Yeah, that was yet another successful ‘versus’ campaign. Like the one in which Pepsi wore a Coca-Cola mantle. Only, in this case, Coca-Cola didn’t feel intimidated and decided to pay back Pepsi in its own currency by trolling it right back.

These are just some representative throwback examples of some of the best comparative ads ever made. But now, it’s time for the real #TBT! Our weekly #ThrowBrandThursday column that features yet another two big players coming at each other. Apologies for the rush, but just can’t help ourselves: checkmate, Apple!

As you might have guessed from the title, the troll is no other than one of Apple’s biggest competitorsSamsung. Let’s take a look at the South-Korean brand’s “Ingenious” way to mock Apple and its apparent issues with the iPhone X, such as download speed, camera, fast charging, and headphone jack. According to Samsung, iPhone doesn’t shine in these categories. The one phone that really does perform well is its very own Galaxy S9. At least according to Samsung!

But first things first. Let’s analyze each of iPhone’s ‘flaws’ one at a time. The brand that operates on Android claims that Apple’s smartphone has slower maximum download speed. With the Galaxy S9, Samsung promises that its users can download and stream content at an incredible speed.

The next thing outlined by Samsung is S9’s convenient charging. Compared to its rival, the Android phone offers a speedy charge. Plus, users can benefit from wireless charging which means that they won’t get tangled in tons of cables.

Samsung believes its users don’t need to give up audio just to charge their phones. These features need to work both, simultaneously. In contrast to the iPhone, the Galaxy has a standard headphone jack and a charging port. So, there’s no need to use a “double dongle.” Do you know what we mean?

Then, there’s the high-quality camera with advanced Dual Aperture that adapts to both bright light and super-low light. The immersive screen is yet another feature that Samsung is proud of: a curved screen that allows users to deep dive in a cinematic experience.

Plus, the company flatters itself with the fact that its smartphones have more space for users to store things — up to 400GB of total storage on the device. The last source of pride for Samsung is the multi-tasking feature of the S9, which allows users to see and use two apps on the same screen at the same time.

So, Apple, Samsung proved that it not only has incredible features on its Galaxy S9 but also has a great sense of humor — can you beat that? And yes, there’s more…