People are usually concerned about problems that normally have a solution; things such as politics, terrorism, or same-sex marriage can be solved. But can you guess the one thing that can be easily resolved if we all adopted an eco-friendly behavior? Plastics. Yes! Around one trillion plastic bags are produced each year. Most of them end up in the oceans and threaten (not just) marine life.

Maybe you weren’t aware of this fact, but there’s so much plastic in the salty waters that Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) decided to put it on the map. “Wasteland.” The name speaks for itself. It has quickly become known as the newest and most threatening country. A dead one. Well, not as dead as the Dead Sea, where there’s not a single living organism. Well, apart from minuscule quantities of bacteria and humans floating in it…

Speaking of which, here’s a little campaign that might make more people think twice: Jordan’s Ministry of Environment—in partnership with creative agency Y&R Amman—thought of sending a message to the world. As part of our weekly #ThrowBrandThursday column, you can check the message the two sent to the world: As beautiful as the Dead Sea is, there’s no need for another. Meaning? According to Y&R Amman, one already dead sea should be just enough for the world. We don’t need another sea that has barely any life in it.

Plastic waste is a common thing around the world. And we bet that you do know that fragments of plastic can be found in the feeding grounds of many animals. Often times, it proves to be fatal. Humans are responsible for harming more than 746 marine species. If no action is taken now, many of these species will soon disappear. Not to mention that the oceans will vanish too.

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Inspired by the dead side of the Jordan sea, the Ministry of Environment launched “The Unsinkable Truth,” for which it collected thousands of empty plastic bottles to create a temporary floating installation. The piece was then left in the waters of the Dead Sea with a statement that covered 600 square meters of its surface. The message was simple: “One Dead Sea Is Enough”. To make people aware of the danger that plastics pose, the creation was kept visible for a few days, after which all the plastic waste was retrieved, processed, and sent to recycling.

“8 million metric tons of plastic waste is dumped into the world’s oceans every year, causing irreversible damage to marine ecosystems. If we allow this to continue without taking action, the world’s oceans face a grim future. The Dead Sea in Jordan is the only sea in the world with no life in it. As such, we found a unique opportunity for the “dead” to send a message to the living. We built a floating installation in the water made of thousands of plastic waste bottles, covering 648 square meters; big enough to grab the attention of the world,” says the Ministry of Environment. Has the floating message grabbed your attention? Let us know by sharing your opinion in the comment section below!


Client: The Ministry of Environment, Jordan

Agency: Y&R, Amman, Jordan

Creative Director: Emad Khayyat.

Art Director: Emad Khayyat., Zayd Abidi

Copywriter: Shatha Al Trad