Netflix‘s “Black Mirror” series cleverly unveils humankind’s worst nightmares, and the scenarios it features somehow manages to fuel our anxiety. The series explores a dystopian world, one that might unfold in the (near) future and presents humanity as extremely vulnerable in the face of modern technology.

The British anthology series created by Charlie Brooker hit global success with the first three seasons. With the launch of the fourth season in late December 2017, Black Mirror proved that it remained true to its roots.

For the launch of the new season, Netflix Italy performed a social experiment in an attempt to explore consequences of technology on our society. The entertainment company, with some extra help from the DUDE agency, reproduced the show’s disturbing atmosphere and, for two days, fans were invited to attend a creepy event and try living “la vida loca.”

During this time, people could watch the Black Mirror’s scenario emerging from the screen, slowly invading the reality, and finally blooming in a fancy restaurant in Milan.

Welcome to the “Black Future Social Club,” an exclusive club where one can “order #instafood and the menu is all a #foodporn, the atmosphere is #fashion and the customers are real #IGers.”

In order to get into such an exclusivist party, participants needed a very valuable ticket. Not an ordinary $1 ticket, we are not talking about Taco Bell’s not-so-secret-society Belluminati which welcomed pretty much anyone who had one buck in their pockets.

In fact, to become a proud member of the Black Mirror Club, one didn’t need money. It was the influencer status on social networks that paved the fans’ path inside the party.

Although it may sound a bit elitist—yet in a Black Mirror kind of way—participants could gain access to the event based on the number of followers on Instagram: they needed to have over 1000 of them to be more specific. Then, once inside the event, their fate was dictated by their number of likes, which doubled as official currency there.

To pay for their stay at the #BFSC event, attendees needed to post a photo of a plate on social media. Based on the likes the picture gathered, they were allowed to continue their experience and make another order at the bar.

Those who weren’t lucky enough to be followed by 1000 users on social media received a huge surprise from Netflix. To give these people a chance to catch a glimpse of the Black Mirror scenario right from the inside, the company installed some sort of a vending machine where the not-so-popular Instagrammers had an opportunity to negotiate their way in.

So, at a price of only one story posted on Instagram, these participants received 200+ followers. Not so expensive for a luxurious event, is it?

The event’s theme draws inspiration from the first episode of the third series of Black Mirror, “Nosedive,” in which people gain access to the community’s services based on their personal rating.

The peculiar campaign was supported by outdoor ads, print, and social media. To boost it online, an event page popped up on Facebook with information only about the venue and the date of the upcoming party, leaving the rest of the details shrouded in mystery.

If Netflix were to announce a similar event in your hometown, would you have the guts to attend? How far is the show’s scenario from becoming a reality? Let us know your opinion by sharing it with us in the comment section below.


Client: Netflix Italy

Agency: DUDE