Breast cancer is the most diagnosed form of cancer that affects women worldwide, with up to two million cases in 2018. Sure, numbers won’t probably say that much to you, but what if one of your loved ones were diagnosed with such a condition? What would you say? Sorry? Does that even count? Will you try to be emphatic with them by giving them flowers and cards to make them feel good? That might be an idea. But just remember, flowers die in just a few days. And chocolate? Who cares about sweets when you have breast cancer?

That’s when Rethink Breast Cancer, a charity that empowers young people worldwide who are concerned about and affected by breast cancer, steps in. And not empty-handed. The NGO collaborated with creative agency lg2 and launched a product line that’s specifically made for such women. Don’t give flowers. ‘Give-A-Care’ it’s what the nonprofit organization says. Just one time give a collection that actually understands patients and fills in the gap that forms between the diagnosed females and their families or friends.

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During this week’s #ThrowBrandThursday, we are going to talk about a clever set that has brought a smile to many breast-cancer-diagnosed women. Moreover, given the fact that the shop is still open, it probably keeps making these ladies happy, despite their condition.

According to the Montreal-based agency, it all started as a simple awareness campaign. But then, it expanded into a whole product line, which is available exclusively at Things got moving when Rethink approached lg2 to create a medical brochure for the medical staff, hoping to educate people on the day-to-day reality faced by the patients. Most of the hospitalized women are actually older, so doctors usually forget that there are patients who are in the twenties or thirties. That’s why the NGO wanted to come up with something that shall make the younger generations also feel better.

So how do you start a conversation about cancer with a 20-year old? You give them flowers, candies, and sympathy cards. Or do you? Whilst this is a good idea, such items might end up looking a bit generic. So, you have to come with a new solution, one that will help these ladies put a big smile on their faces.

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Give-A-Care’s items were baptized in a bold way, helping educate others about what their loved one diagnosed with breast cancer is going through. The collection includes products such as the “My-Emotions-Are-So-Out-Of-Whack-That-Even-My-Skin-Is-Being-Too Sensitive Hand Cream,” the “All-The-Slow-Jams-And-Silk-Sheets-In-The-World-Couldn’t-Do-It-For-Me-Right-Now-I-Need Lube,” or the “I-Know-This-Hospital-Waiting Room-Like-The-Back-Of-My Hand Sanitizer.” Pretty cool names for (usually) dull products that are exclusively sold to cancer patients, huh?

There are 22 items in the Give-A-Care collection, which were created in response to genuine human insights. The descriptive title of each product allows young patients’ family and friends to offer the women real empathy by giving them a product which comes along with a glimpse of the daily challenges they have to go through. The illustrations that accompany the products are hand-drawn, therefore creating a personal touch that can only be found in communication materials promoting the witty product line. The products and their packaging were tested by health professionals to eliminate the risk of infection.

Designed and developed by the Montréal-based ad agency lg2, the line supports the Rethink Breast Cancer organization, with all the funds going towards it. Now, looking at the collection as a whole, one can see that it was created—from head to toe—to offer comfort to cancer patients, without falling into usual clichés.


Client: Rethink Breast Cancer

Agency: lg2