First presented to the public in 2017, at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, Michigan, Audi’s new SUV, the Q8, is expected to be sold in higher numbers than other Audi cars. The car slowly but surely conquered the whole world and it has been presented to the Indian market just recently, in January 2020. To mark its debut, the German luxury car manufacturer worked closely with creative agency BBH India to launch the #8thDimesionReimagined campaign, a project that highlights both the versatility of the new vehicle but also the unmatched talent of eight eminent artists in association with Kunal Anand Curator, Art and Design director of Mumbai-based collective Kulture Shop.

Before proceeding with the details of the campaign let’s hear some of the features that make the Q8 a great car: The vehicle is equipped with a powerful yet efficient 3.0 TFSI engine. But what makes this car be a great one is that the Q8 is big on customization with 54 exterior colors, 11 interior colors, and 9 wooden inlays to choose from, leading to infinite personalization possibilities.

Adaptation to different situations makes the car perfectly mold on the personality of each driver. More nicely put, the car has limitless possibilities and it is fueled by imagination. This is what lies at the foundation of the global Audi campaign, “Welcome to the 8th Dimension.” The idea behind this concept is that the automaker wants to bring into the forefront the Q8’s avant-garde design language, imposing road presence, impressive performance, and exclusivity. Drawing inspiration from this, the Mumbai-based agency contoured the #8thDimensionReimagined, a world entirely powered by creativity.

According to Audi, there are no words to describe the beauty of its car. You have to actually see it to be a witness to its pleasant aesthetic features. Or does it? It is said that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Yet, Volkswagen proved that you don’t actually have to be a seer to get a glimpse of the beauty of its Arteon. The brand hired blind American photographer Pete Eckart, who proved to the world that such a disability doesn’t limit anyone to appreciate something really beautiful.

Audi’s campaign is similar to the one of VW, only that instead of asking a blind artist to outline the bold lines of its car, the automaker gathered a plethora of eight extraordinary creators to bring visual justice to the Q8. The following artists were chosen: Priyesh Trivedi, Johnny Ganta, Pavan Rajurkar, Price Lunawara, Prateek Vatash, Yogesh Bhusare, Sawant Sanskar, and Rajeev Thakkar.

Each of them got inspiration from the impressive silhouette of the SUV to which they added their ingenuity and imagination. Their results are fabulous, delivering to the audience visual representations of the 8th dimension the Q8 has. Commenting on this initiative, Balbir Singh Dhillon, Head Audi India, said: “With the Audi Q8, we are targeting individuals who want their car to match their personality.”

Russell Barrett, CCO and Managing Partner, BBH India added: “Most people pay to avoid advertising, we wanted to create work that people might pay to own. This idea allowed us to blur the lines between culture and advertising and that’s something we try to do in different ways all the time. We collaborated with eight exciting, experimental artists who applied their imagination and ingenuity to create representations of the 8th dimension. We worked closely with the artists and Kulture Shop to mold the ideas into pieces of art that actually communicated a single point. The interpretation of the 8th dimension, of course, differed from artist to artist depending on their style and perspective. What we came out with through this collaboration are eight stunning pieces of art that are also ads.”

Check out the artists’ illustrations and let us know which one fits you best!

Pavan Rajurkar | Click to enlarge
Johnny-Ganta | Click to enlarge
Prateek Vatash | Click to enlarge
Prince Lunawara | Click to enlarge
Priyesh Trivedi | Click to enlarge
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Client: Audi

Agency: BBH India