In addition to offering premium wines, Enosophia winery — a Croatian wine brand that resulted from the growth and development of its predecessor, the Feravino company — is also the author of other wine-related exceptional activities. The brand creates tourist experiences that give visitors and wine enthusiasts a chance to explore Slavonian wine through tastings and gastronomic offers.

Simultaneously, fueled by its ambition to make a positive impact on the surroundings, Enosophia keeps preserving the locals’ traditions and also the environment. Last but not least, the winery wants to address a category of new wine lovers.

For the latter adventure, the brand had to find a way to speak fluently to younger consumers, all while also staying relevant to other categories of wine connoisseurs. Enosophia describes itself as a brand dedicated to “those who look for experience in wine.” And after stumbling upon Bruketa&Zinic&Grey agency‘s work for Enosophia — whose label design was enriched with some digital ingredients — we got the feeling that when the winery made this statement, it literally meant it!

Enosophia creates drinks that can be enjoyed through all of our senses. And during this week’s #ThrowBrandThursday column, consumers will come to learn that the acoustic and visual factors play an important role in taking delight in one of the brand’s grape drinks. Launched under the Enosophia brand, the products that were scheduled to provide consumers the full experience are the Grasevina TRS No. 5 and the Rosé Matarouge, both of which come with an ultra-modern label.

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By breathing digital life into the packaging, the technology-infused label allows consumers to interact with the winery in a new and memorable way. To embark on this extraordinary journey, users need their mobile phone, the brand’s bottle labels, and a key — which is actually a mobile app.

There’s no denying in admitting that the experience would have probably been a more genuine one with an actual glass of the brand’s rosé by our side — but it’s not wine o’clock nor do we have such a bottle at hand. Still, we gave it a shot and scanned the labels from the images accompanying the initiative. The result? We were nicely surprised to see that we can get a taste (a virtual one, obviously) of what Enosophia wines are like.

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While the TRS No. 5 wine label unlocks a harmonious sound specially created to enhance the taste of the wine, the Matarouge tag is the ticket consumers need to digitally travel around the globe, allowing them to learn more about the world’s most famous rosé regions.

The wines are in line with the brand strategy and were produced to educate young consumers in particular. Plus, according to the agency, the Graševina TRS No. 5 and the Rosé Matarouge are the very first wines in Croatia that wear an interactive label.


Client: Enosophia

CEO: Ivan Maricic (Osilovac d.d.)

Marketing Director: Igor Busljeta (Nexe d.d.)

Head Oenologist: Martin Kovacevic

Head of Viticulture-Wine Production: Lucija Kuzir

Marketing and PR: Jenette Simic

Digital Marketing Specialist: Tena Abicic (Nexe d.d.)


Agency: Bruketa&Zinic&Grey

Chief Creative Officer: Nikola Zinic

Creative Director: Davor Bruketa

Art Director: Andrea Knapic

Art Director: Nenad Gavrilovic

Project Lead: Petra Persic Blazicko

Account Manager: Dina Borosic

Production Manager: Vesna Durasin

Head of Digital Strategy and Creative: Iva Bolta

Copywriter: Martina Tupek

Copywriter: Vanja Cinic

Copywriter: Ivan Golubic

Social Media Manager: Mia Matijevic

Digital Designer: Iva Marenic

Head of DTP/Pre-press: Radovan Radicevic

Videoanimator: Tvrtko Karacic


Strategist: Zeljka Zrnic

Design partner: Krunoslav Franetic and NJI3

AR mobile app: Delta Reality

Music: Pocket Palma

Photographer: Domagoj Kunic