In order to promote Airmedica‘s first consumer-facing product, “Total Hand Shield System,” which, unlike other sanitizers, moisturizes skin while offering protection against 99.999% of bacteria, the Irish brand worked closely with Core Creative agency and launched a new campaign, underlining the importance of hand hygiene. To show consumers that they really are in safe hands, the company with a focus on personal protective cosmetics imagined “The Power of Touch,” a campaign shot and produced under the strict COVID-19 restrictions. The ad that accompanies the campaign shows, in an explosion of colors, how important clean hands are for a healthy life.

This habit avoids the transmission of germs so there have been a number of campaigns throughout the pandemic that have encouraged people to keep their hands clean. There was a print ad that offered valuable information on how to do this practice properly. And, to get the full experience, the ad transformed into soap. Then, there was Savlon India, which had a unique approach for promoting good hand hygiene. And now, Airmedica continues to empower people to stick to this habit through a visual metaphor that combines UV paint, powder, and lighting with Andrea Williams‘s gracious dance moves.

“The aim of this campaign was to launch the brand with a beautiful, shareable, thought-provoking piece that would reignite diligence in hand hygiene as we make our way through another lockdown. Creating a campaign during lockdown was always going to be challenging. From the offset, the team at Core was fantastic to work with and had a clear understanding of our campaign objectives and were able to approach it a little differently with the digital angle,” Breffney O’Dowling – Keane, Market Development Manager, said.

Set on the music of Irish musician Talos and directed by Keith Hutchinson of H2 Films, the piece’s action unfolds in a dark room that hosts Williams performing a dance. As she moves along with the music, one can see what her hands have touched: Her face, the table, and the coffee table, while small particles of powder lay on other surfaces in the room such as the remote control, lamp, and keyboard. The Cork-based dancer finally reaches Airmedica’s range of sanitizers and cleans her hands. And, while she shows the efficiency of the products, a message sums up the experience: “Protect your hands. Protect yourself.”

“We were tasked with creating a unique digital campaign on a limited budget. In order to create the ultimate impact, we used UV paint, powder, and lighting in a creative way to highlight the efficacy of the new hand sanitizer as a powerful disinfectant against the coronavirus,” Liam Wielopolski, Executive Creative Director, concluded.

Being a proud Irish producer, the company committed to featuring local artists in the creative process behind this ad. For what better way to reach people’s hearts than by bringing national talents into the forefront?


Client: Airmedica

Agency: Core Creative

Production Company: H2 Films

Director: Keith Hutchinson

Producer: Jack Armstrong

Client Director: Jo Mullins

Agency Producer: Fiona McGarry

Senior Copywriter: Laura Fitzgerald

Senior Art Director: Darragh Julian

Executive Creative Director: Liam Wielopolski

Client Partner: Fiona O’Sullivan

Media Planners: Jamie Fulham, Ali Donnelly

Music: Talos “In Time” (composer Eoin French)

Dancer: Andrea Williams