Going out to the movies, attending a concert, enjoying a drink at the bar, and partying at home are some of the pre-pandemic activities that people miss very much. COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our lives and, to stop the spread of the virus, such social gatherings were put on hold. Putting parties back on our agenda is probably something we all want and when there will be no restrictions regarding social gatherings, we will still want to make sure that all is safe in terms of health.

Rest assured, for when the time comes, you can prevent the spread of germs thanks to Dr. Lemon, an iconic RTD in Argentina, and its ingenious way to allow party-goers to identify their cans. During this week’s #ThrowBrandThursday, we remind you of the brand’s “Can Finder” initiative, enabling attendees of a gathering to mark their drinks with their initial and thus prevent a possible contagion.

Working closely with BBDO Argentina, Dr. Lemon’s cans differ from other containers thanks to the design that allows users to personalize their drinks. The upper part is printed with the letters of the alphabet, framing the can ring in a semicircle. Being a mobile component, the key can move from one side to the other, while the black arrow printed on top of it allows partiers to point towards the initial of their names.

“Considering the context, Dr. Lemon tries to speak to consumers in an innovative and relevant way about how we’ll have to take care when we can meet with friends again. The most common consumption occasion of our target is the gathering before party time and “Can Finder” is our contribution to communicating the importance of the prevention measures that they should take when these gatherings can happen again,” explains Juan Faggiolini, Marketing & E-Commerce Director Argentina, Chile & Uruguay at Grupo Cepas.

“Dr. Lemon is a brand that is very present in youth gatherings. In the context of a pandemic, we believed that it was important to make our small contribution. A very simple mechanism taking advantage of the lid and the lip of the tin to be able to mark the initial of the person who is drinking it in order to avoid sharing your Dr. Lemon and reduce the risk of contagion. We have a constant search to find ideas that innovate from the product, beyond the merely communicational campaign. It’s one of those ideas that when it’s done you think that it was always there,” continues Christian Rosli, Executive Creative Director at BBDO Argentina.

Another clever way to prevent the spread of germs at parties is Betty Crocker’s prototype gadget, the “No Blow Candle.” Developed as an alternative to the traditional candle, the device is a germ-free solution that enables people to still make birthday wishes while using sound to “blow out” the candle.

While both projects aim to keep people safe at social gatherings, we can’t help but wonder: Will post-COVID parties be different from the ones before the outbreak?


Client: Cepas Argentinas

Brand: Dr. Lemon

Agency: BBDO Argentina

CCOs: Christian Rosli and Joaquín Campins.

Art Director: Manuel Fernández de Luca

Copywriter: Diego Melfi

Project manager: Pia Ithurralde, Nataly Piergiacomi

Production Manager: Anita Pillado

Agency producer: Luz Martín

Production Company: Oruga

Executive Producer: Ioni Borisonik

Producer: Rodrigo Pedemonte