There are many stories — many of them involving unearthly beings — on this earth that send shivers down our spines: From the cat that’s simply horrified at the sight of cucumbers to zombies triggered by low temperatures and start looking for “brains,” the world abounds with such frightening stories. Yet, we have to admit that the classics are the ones that made us tremble when we were kids (and probably continue to do so for some of us, even though we are adults): the Boogeyman, ghost stories, and Dracula.

The Romanian folklore offers plenty of fables and stories about mythical creatures. Nevertheless, the story of Dracula stands out, a legend that has historical facts but which has been changed over time. The notorious vampire is said to be based on the 15th-century Wallachian prince Vlad III, Vlad the Impaler. And even though Bram Stocker’s vision of the vampire has nothing much to do with Vlad Țepeș, people are still trying to untangle the story. And so is adventurer and blogger Sebastian Canaves, who traced the steps of the famous being in Transylvania as part of a Porsche campaign.

Launched just in time for Halloween 2018, the “Trick or Speed: On Dracula’s Trail” ad is part of our weekly #ThrowBrandThursday column, through which the automaker sought to find out what percentage of the story is real and how much is fiction. To find the truth behind it, Porsche sent Canaves to Dracula’s homeland, because where to spend Halloween better than in Transylvania?

Supposedly, Count Dracula challenges the protagonist to find out more about him yet, in order to master it, the right vehicle is missing. With the key to a Porsche Cayenne on the table, Dracula simply says: “Find me.” The hero starts his investigations in the city of Sighișoara, believed to be the place where Vlad III was born. Because he finds no indications of a vampire, he moves next to other places. Where to? That’s up to you to find out!

The video promotes Porsche’s car but it can easily be interpreted as an ad that promotes Romania as well: It mentions that the country has “fearsome fables about things that go bump in the night,” the blogger is spotted roaming on the streets of the Sighișoara Citadel, an inhabited medieval citadel that’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The beauty of the Carpathian Mountains is underlined, Strada Sforii (or “Rope Street” in English), one of the narrowest streets in Europe, is visually mentioned. By the end of the video, two beautiful churches are pointed out: The Black Church and the Snagov Monastery.

The video ends with Canaves hanging garlic on the rear-view mirror. You might think it’s a cliché, but it’s not. Amongst others, garlic is a popular weapon against vampires, but it is also used to keep other dark spirits away, which are believed to haunt Romanians on the night of St. Andrew, the local version of Halloween. To protect themselves from the evil, Romanians hang garlic at their doors, windows, or doorknobs.

It looks like Romania keeps attracting Porsche to its landscapes. A short video, titled “The Spilt,” made in partnership with M13 Visuals, puts the spotlight on one of the brand’s cars. By featuring the Porsche 992, the brand’s aim was to present the legendary Porsche 911. The entire production took place in Transylvania and presents the latter car through the perspective of duality, appearances, and misconception.




The Spilt

Director: Todica Lorin

Cinematography: Adrian Nica, Alex Alexoiu

Production House: M13 Visuals, Momentum Films


AC’s: Marius Palermo, Paul Zalomir

Sound: Gabriel Chelcea

Cast: Cosmin Pop, Iustinian Berindei, Mihai Nica, Alexandra Hetea, Sabina Daria Cimpean, Sergiu Toth


Driver: Catalin Dimir

Robotic Arm: OvisoRobotics

Operator Robotic Arm: Purcelea Ioan;

Copywriter: Andy Daniluc, Flavia Mocan;

Drone Operator: Mihai Pop, Cristi Moldovan

Music &Sound Design: Cirkular

Color Grading: Todica Lorin

Make-Up/ Hair: Ioana Malai

Drone Rental: Drone Shop Romania

Location: Transilvania Motor Ring, Fabrica de Sport